Vue in Bury is set to Rock

Vue Entertainment, the UK’s leading developer and operator of state-of-the-art multiplex cinemas, is delighted to officially announce that the long-awaited Vue Bury cinema at The Rock will open its doors to the public on Friday 16th July.

The original Bury cinema site in Pilsworth opened in 1989 and subsequently operated by Vue from 2003, was one of the first generation multiplexes in the UK. The cinema has had over 15 million cinema visits in the past 21 years, and now Vue is bringing the very best of the UK’s biggest and most technologically advanced cinema, Vue Westfield in London, to the heart of film-loving Bury. Vue Westfield took the capital by storm when it opened in February and Vue expects its new Bury site will also prove to be a huge success, delivering the ultimate cinema experience to its visitors.

The new Vue cinema is set to ‘rock’ Bury, bringing the latest in cinema innovation to the town’s doorstep. The multiplex will consist of 1,700 ultra comfortable stadium seats across ten screens, three of which are fully digital and 3D-enabled to deliver the highest possible sound and picture quality. The venue will also boast the only ‘VueXtreme’ screen outside London – a super-sized cinema screen, ideal for those seeking the most thrilling, all-immersive, big scale viewing experience.

Tim Richards, CEO of Vue Entertainment, says, “We are incredibly excited about the opening of our new 10 screen cinema at The Rock, as we know that there is a huge cinema following amongst the people of Bury. Vue is committed to providing something for everyone at the new cinema, with a wide range of cinema experiences and value options for many years to come.

“The cinema will include a super-sized ‘VueXtreme’ screen, comfortable VIP seats and incredible 3D film presentation. There will also be low priced ‘Kids AM’ films for young families and unique Teen Screen pricing and events for 13 to 18 year olds and there is a cheap day every Tuesday for everyone. Alternative content such as classical performances, live music and sporting events will also feature at the new venue. We expect this cinema to be a massive hit for the people of Bury and the wider surrounding areas.”

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