Liverpool Postcodes

All Liverpool postcodes begin with the letter L. Postcodes in Liverpool city centre generally start with L1, L2, or L3. Others include L4 (Anfield), L7 (Edge Hill/Fairfield), L8 (Toxteth), L9 (Aintree), L14 (Broadgreen), L16 (Childwall), L17 (Aigburth/Sefton Park), L24 (Speke), L32 & L33 (Kirkby), and L34 (Knowsley).

Postcodes, Maps, and Addresses for Popular Destinations

Visitors arriving by car and using a satellite navigation system will find the following list of postcodes and addresses useful. To travel to any destination just enter the postcode into the system.

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62 Castle Street, Liverpool

L2 7LQ

Ormskirk Road, Liverpool

L9 5AL

Albert Dock, Liverpool

L3 4AF

Chapel Street, Liverpool

L3 9RE

Albert Dock, Liverpool

L3 4AD

1 - 3 Beech Street, Liverpool

L7 0HL

Ranelagh Place, Liverpool

L3 5UL

Chaloner Street, Liverpool

L3 4AJ

Edge Lane Retail Park, Liverpool

L13 1EW

Speke Road, Liverpool

L24 8QD

2 St Nicholas Place, Liverpool

L3 1QW

36-42 Chaloner Street, Liverpool

L3 4DE

Kings Dock, Liverpool

L3 4FP

Montrose Way, Liverpool

L13 1EW

34 Stanley Street, Liverpool

L1 6AL

Goodison Park, Liverpool

L4 4EL

1 Speke Church Road, Liverpool

L24 3TA

41 North John Street, Liverpool

L2 6RR

3 Thomas Steers Way, Liverpool

L1 8LW

Ribblers Lane, Knowsley

L34 9HA

Britannia Pavillion, Albert Dock, Liverpool

L3 4AD

1 Speke Hall Avenue, Liverpool

L24 1UX

Lime Street, Liverpool

L1 1NQ

Montrose Way, Liverpool

L13 1EW

40 Hope Street, Liverpool

L1 9DA

27 Wapping, Liverpool

L1 8LY

Kings Dock, Liverpool, Merseyside, Liverpool

L3 4FN

Knowsley Safari Park, Prescot

L34 4AN

St James Mount, Liverpool

L1 7AZ

Lime Street, Liverpool

L1 1JE

Anfield, Liverpool

L4 0TH

Speke Hall Avenue, Liverpool

L24 1YD

Liverpool One (Chavasse Park Car Park), Liverpool

L1 8LT

Anchor Courtyard, Albert Dock, Liverpool

L3 4BS

7 William Jessop Way, Liverpool

L3 1QZ

1 Queen Square, Liverpool

L1 1RH

Albert Dock, Liverpool

L3 4AQ

Mann Island, Pier Head, Liverpool

L3 1DG

Speke Road, Liverpool

L24 8QB

11 - 13 Hotham Street, Liverpool

L3 5UF

14 Paradise Street, Liverpool

L1 8JF

Switch Island Leisure Park, Liverpool

L30 6TQ

33-45 Parr Street, Liverpool

L1 4JN

Hope Street, Liverpool

L1 9BP

Pier Head (Royal Liver Building), Liverpool

L3 1HN

16-20 Hanover Street, Liverpool

L1 4AA

Ormskirk Road, Liverpool

L9 5AN

107 Old Hall Street, Liverpool

L3 9BD

24 Sir Thomas Street, Liverpool

L1 6JB

21 Keel Wharf, Liverpool

L3 4FN

Ribblers Lane, Knowsley

L34 9HA

Dunnings Bridge Road, Liverpool

L30 6TQ

Albert Dock, Liverpool

L3 4BB

Dunnings Bridge Road, Liverpool

L30 6TQ

Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool

L3 5QB

5 Chapel Street, Liverpool

L3 9AG

25 Old Haymarket, Liverpool

L1 6ER

Fallows Way, Whiston

L35 1RZ

William Brown Street, Liverpool

L3 8EL