Grand Junction Retail Park

The Grand Junction Retail Park is located just east of Crewe town centre. It opened in the mid-90s on the site of the old Crewe Kings speedway stadium.

It is a pretty large shopping park with a good range of stores. At the time of writing (September 2016) shops here include Aldi, Bathstore, Boots, Brantano, Carpetright, Carphone Warehouse, Currys PC World, Halfords, Harveys, Hobbycraft, Home Bargains, Laura Ashley, M&S Simply Food, Maplin, Next, Pets at Home, Poundstretcher, Poundworld, Sofology, Sports Direct, and TK Maxx.

Sofology - Grand Junction Retail Park, Crewe

Sofology – Grand Junction Retail Park

Places to eat and drink are KFC, Frankie & Benny’s, Costa, Bella Italia, Chiquito, and Nando’s.

Focus DIY closed in 2010 was replaced by TK Maxx Store, Costa, and Boots. Rosebys closed in 2008, followed by Allied Carpets in 2009. Comet went into administration at the end of 2012 while CSL rebranded as Sofaworks and then Sofology.

Opening times vary by store, but all are open seven days a week generally from 9 am to 8 pm on weekdays, 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays, and 11 am to 5 pm on Sundays. Check with individual store websites to confirm specific opening hours before travelling.

The park offers free customer car parking for around 800 vehicles. As can be seen in the comments below, parking regulations here appear to be strictly enforced. Crewe Train Station is just over ½ mile away.



Grand Junction Retail Park

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Grand Junction Way
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Reviews and Additional Information

  1. Politely ask for a store manager to pass on your registration details if you think you are about to overstay the three hour mark. We found this out off my parents after they shopped there, after we’d overturned our fine with proof of purchases (items and cost blacked out). Hope this helps.

  2. Shop here every week, shop assistants very helpful and friendly. Food outlets great too😀👍

  3. Horrendous traffic. AVOID!!!

  4. We planned to spend some time here to do a range of shopping having booked the day off. We had lunch at one of the new food outlets which took an age as they had just opened and visited one shop. Since the 3 hour limit was imposed and we had only 30 minutes left, we decided to take our business elsewhere and to a retail park that is not using this hopeless system. Here we did our grocery shopping, purchased furniture and spent in three other shops. Another lost customer who will not bother to drive into Crewe.

  5. Yes. Christmas shopping in Crewe. I thought we would try Crewe and not the Trafford Centre. £75 to park the car. Thank you Crewe. I wont make the same mistake again. I live in Sandbach but we usually go to the Trafford Centre or “up Hanley Duck”. In the future we won’t go to Crewe to shop. WAKE UP Crewe. You are dying and you keep blood letting!

  6. Never again will I return after visiting this park and spending enough money to warrant some respect from the owners/retailers. I feel I have received none!

    Demands from G24 for money with regards to parking using ‘eye in the sky’ cameras followed my recent visit.

    The problem is this. no retailers offered to help me with my circumstance despite my offer of receipts. To quote Frankie and Benny’s response…’Unfortunately we are not responsible for the car park and have not imposed the fine. You really will need to take this matter up with G24 Ltd who operate the car parking facility.’

    Anyway, I did and POPLA found the appeal in my favour. G24 had NO right to this money and accepted this.

    Someone of a different nature would have paid this unwarranted demand and the retailers/owners of the park still continue to allow these demands to made on unsuspecting (and more worryingly, potentially vulnerable) persons.

    It is a shame to read the below comment supporting these ‘legitimate parking companies’ and will retain my thoughts regarding the authors affiliations.

  7. AVOID AVOID AVOID. Terrible experience exasperated by fine off G24 for overstaying my welcome while spending my hard earned money at retailers only located on the park. Why should this happen to loyal customers? Will NEVER return!

    • I have just read a great number of these reviews. Many say you can’t be prosecuted, many say there are no notices stating the terms of parking your vehicles on Grand Junction and many blame G24, the car parking company.

      For the record. You CAN be prosecuted and often are prosecuted. Remember when you park in these areas you are accepting the terms of using the car park. You are entering into a contract which is binding in law and if you break these terms, i.e. over stay the allotted time stated on the signage, you are breaking those accepted terms and are therefore liable to receive a justified fine.

      Secondly, despite all the protests, there is more than ample signage displaying the terms and conditions and the fines that will be imposed. These signs are very well spread across the car park and are all at the correct height etc. If you don’t see them that is your own fault, no one else’s. There are more than sufficient.

      Remember who invites G24 and other parking companies. The shops, retailers and the shopping park management companies. G24 and other parking companies cannot and do not just turn up. They are employed to take these actions by the retailers etc. Why? To ensure that people who are NOT entitled to park there, e.g. those who don’t want to pay for parking in the town centre or want to hop on a train or a bus and leave their cars there on the cheap for the day. They are there to protect the park for true shoppers. You and I. If you overstay all you have to do if you get a ticket is to copy your purchase receipts, send them into the parking company offices and they will cancel the ticket.

      Lastly, READ THE SIGNS. IT’S DOWN TO YOU and don’t believe everything you read in the press or see on TV. The parking companies are legitimate.

      • Oh dear Barry.

        Following my reading of your statement it does fill me with absolute joy that my appeal to POPLA was ruled in my favour finding that the fine/charge was infact unfair and there was no case to pursue!

        The ‘no hard feelings’ letter I received from G24 was the extra icing on the cake (as well as your response!)

        I will not be bullied and am unfortunately, someone who does not take these types of threats and letters to heart. I simply do my research and act appropriately.

        My question is this. Why not put barriers there to take a fair charge, pay and display machines etc.? Why? Because they want you to be caught out. Underhand tactics to get an inflated parking charge ruled to be excessive, extortionate and essentially unenforceable.

        NOTE. if you are a customer who receives one of these letters demanding money simply use Google and print off one of the many templates available to issue and sleep well. I know I will!!!


        • Remember. A POPLA appeal must be made to succeed. Do not ignore. Goodness knows what lengths these people will go! If you consider yourself to be vulnerable or are feeling overwhelmed by the parking company demands or what you may consider heavy handed tactics then ask a family member/friend/CAB and ask to research successful POPLA appeals online. Nobody would pay £80 to park anywhere and you shouldn’t either!

  8. I am ashamed to say that I am a resident of Crewe. Recently signs have been erected on routes into the town stating ‘Welcome to Crewe’. However, don’t overstay your welcome. Car parking is a major issue and has even made it onto

    Browning Street car park is a public free car park. A third of the spaces are taken up by vehicles belonging to two taxi firms, which have their offices nearby so ‘no room at the inn’ here!
    If you exceed the permitted parking time on any of the retail parks e.g. Grand Junction, Heritage Retail park then BEWARE you will receive a violation notice in the post about ten days later, with the threat of a heavy fine of £90.

    So, welcome to Crewe, but don’t stay long!

  9. I too have just received a letter asking for payment of £75 . I have used the shopping centres for years and have never noticed the signs.. spent thousands in their shops.. I am gutted the council cant see how much this affecting Crewe’s trade and even more gutted at how much they obviously value my custom in our town. I shall now be spending elsewhere!

  10. Don’t shop here if your going to be more than 3 hours, I just received a fine for £85. I thought I had a really nice day out doing all my Xmas shopping but it has now spoilt my Xmas. I can honestly say I will never shop there again!

  11. I received one of these scam £75 fines at the Grand Junction Retail Park in Crewe a year ago and have never returned to shop in Crewe since. I didn’t pay the fine thanks to information about this scam on the internet but the experience and the constant threatening letters has left such a bitter taste, that I and my family will never shop there again.

  12. I was at the retail park boxing day for the Next sales and also received a “parking charge”. After waiting 1 hr 30 mins to get into the Next shop and then spending over £360 and £150 at Boots I was disgusted to received a charge of £75 and I was putting money into the retail park!! I have sent a dispute, but after reading information about G24 ltd on here and Money Experts I am going to ignore the letters. Has anyone ever been taken to court by these guys? What was the outcome of any of you ignoring their letters?? Like the rest of you I will not be using the retail park again when I visit my family in Crewe.

  13. I am expecting a £75 fine, after parking at the retail park today. I only spotted the signs on my return and reckon I was about 15 minutes over. The
    ‘signs’ look like flimsy pieces of card displayed quite highly on the odd lamp post. I thought this practice was now regulated, and that notices had to be prominently displayed, which was not the case where I was parked- near Hobby craft.

  14. Just recieved a fine for £75 from these scammers too. Absolutely outraged as I didn’t see or expect such a curfew on parking at a retail park. that was my first and last visit to Crewe having just moved locally to the area.
    Will in future go back to Leicester’s Fosse park where you can park all day for free.
    Will check the legality of the fine, but doubt they’ll get any money off me.

  15. We have always done our Christmas shopping in Hanley. Seeing so many shops closing down in my home town Crewe, this year decided to support our local retailers and shop at the retail park. Christmas shopping is not a five minute job and we overstayed the parking allowance which we incidentally didn’t know existed. We have now been served with a £75 parking fine by G4 which is extortionate. The retailers say it’s not their fault, but are they trying to do anything to stop this rip-off. We spent a lot of money that day in various outlets and there was not a single mention of the parking limit and extortionate fine by any off the shop workers. We could have parked in Hanley all day for around £8 so how can G4 warrant a parking fine of £75 for a fraction of the time. I don’t intend to pay £75 but I am prepared to pay a realistic fine in accordance with local parking charges of around 40p an hour if G4 want to accept that rather than nothing. Get this thieving company off the site and lets have pay and display so we all no where we stand. Until that happens I’m sorry retail park but from now on we shall do our shopping elsewhere. Rip-off Britain – Rip-off retail park. The site owners deserve nothing but failure for employing a mob like G4.

  16. I am disabled and went to the retail park yesterday. I have a blue badge as I have a false leg and have to have door wide as possible to get out. Tried to park outside Sportsworld/next but all disabled bays were full. That’s no problem and it’s fair enough if disabled people got thee before me but 5 of the cars did not have blue badges displayed!! Sorry , but I hope all the morons who illegally park get tickets….and pay them!

  17. Just to clarify you are all so ignorant! You think the retail shops have anything to do with the parking fines? We are in the same position as you all are if we overstay, and are under the thumb of savills and the parking company! More to the point, if any of you bothered to think sensibly in taking massive offence at an automated ticket, you just need to ask the stores you have shopped at and they will get the ticket cancelled, just like we do for our staff. But I definitely wanted to clarify, the shops have NOTHING to do with the parking restrictions or tickets so stop blaming us!

    • Some manager you are calling your customers “ignorant.” You should learn from the shop assistant who also posted a comment here and who, unlike you, understands the distress caused to customers by these devious parking fines. It’s always the lowly staff who are the life blood of a business while pompous managers are a liability. Clearly, the shop assistant mentioned should be promoted while you should go back to basics and learn to respect your customers.

    • Thanks ‘manager on retail park’. If you are representative of the management at retail outlets at Crewe, that’s another reason never to return. My one and only visit was ruined by scam parking charges. Having spent several hundred pounds on items for my new home, I found I should have done a trolley dash around the mall to keep within the restricted free parking (small print). That was 3 years ago and I have never shopped in Crewe since. Thank goodness there’s more welcoming places to shop in the area.

  18. Went Christmas shopping recently on a Thursday and spent quite a bit of time in Hobby Craft and then visited other shops. Then walked into town and met my husband for lunch as he works near by. When I got back to the car I found I had lost my car keys. My friend and I retraced our stops and spoke to various security people asking if any keys had been handed in. Even reported it to Police as street cleaner said that was where they notify if they find anything. Took husbands car to get kids from school and then get home. Husband got call from Police just before 5 pm – Royal Mail had keys, so eventually all sorted and car returned home. Have just received a ‘letter’ requesting £75 for overstaying my welcome in car park. Am really wondering whether I want to go back.

  19. Whatever you do don?t pay the fines! I have had numerous and I have ignored every single one. They are just out to make money on unsuspecting visitors. DO NOT answer or even acknowledge you have been fined. You will probably get about 5-7 letters and threats but they give up every time! it?s a private park and they have absolutely no authority over it. Keep coming to Crewe and don?t let these idiots get you down.


  21. During a recent visit to the UK, I also visited the retail park. With a teenage daughter who likes sport, we of course made a bee-line for Sports Direct; this is not the kind of shop that you are in and out of in 5 minutes! We looked in some others and then finished up with lunch at KFC. I certainly didn’t see the warning signs for the 3 hour parking limit. Now back in France, I was surprised to open a letter from the car-hire company that I used, informing me of a parking fine of £50, plus £35 admin. fees, plus VAT brings me to a hefty £92. An expensive shopping trip!
    I understand the reasons that parking charges need to be applied in certain places. However, I was there during the day on a Tuesday, outside of the school holiday period etc. and the car park was by no means full. Why are there no parking meters in place? At least that would be clear and alert people to the fact that they need to watch the time. I will certainly not be going back to this retail park, which is a shame, as there are some good shops. I am now faced with the challenge of trying to sort this out from another country!

  22. I visited one of the stores to return an item. When I returned to my car I had a ticket for apparently parking in a disabled space.This space is a double plot but with only one disabled badge painted on the floor, very unusual as it should have two or one large sign in the middle so as it covers both spaces.This is the first fine I have ever received. It will be my last time on there (it was midweek at dinner time with probably 20 cars on site). Oh well there are plenty of other local places to go shopping. I really feel sorry for those people that could lose there jobs thanks to g24. Hope they sleep well at night.

  23. First Cheshire East Council hike the parking fees in the town and then Grand Junction Retail Park levy parking fines on people to dare to spend their hard-earned money in the shops there! Why oh why are the council and traders of Crewe doing their level best to persuade potential shoppers to do their shopping in neighbouring towns? The retailers in Northwich, Macclesfield and Hanley must be rubbing their hands in delight!

  24. Crewe has for years been losing trade to Hanley and Chester. Whilst people will go to Chester for the range of shops and the experience, it is very easy to skip Crewe and go to Hanley rather than be mugged at Grand Junction.
    It’s not as though the car park is ever full. Do the retailers realise how much trade they will lose if this continues?

  25. Really would not want to see anyone out of a job but shop assistant and retailers just put a 3 hour warning notice up at the entrance of your store better a visit cut short than a customer who will NEVER return!

  26. I too have received one of these official looking parking "invoices" after "overstaying" the 3 hour limit whilst spending a considerable sum on this retail park . Luckily I was warned to read this site and Money Saving Expert before paying.I am surprised that the individual retailers have not seen fit to warn their customers of the "3 hour limit" – they may have a fear of shortening a potential customers shopping trip but surely that would be better than allowing them to be charged £75 after which they will never return! I personally have warned everyone I have come into contact with.

  27. PLEASE don’t stop coming to the retail park, we need you guys to keep us open. I also think the ‘invoices’ are ridiculous, however to avoid the fine just let one of the shops managers know you have been on the park for over 3 hours and they can email g24 with your reg plate so you are exempt for that day. WE NEED YOU!!!

  28. I too have just received my £75 demand for parking for 15 minutes too long. This on a visit where I spent over £2000.00 with the retailers on that site. Choosing a new 3 piece suite and bed and visiting the 4 different retailers on there to compare prices on a sale weekend takes time. We did not leave the site, also visiting sportsworld, brantanos and the bargain shop and even had lunch at KFC which pushed me over the 3 hours!
    I came away happy with what I had bought; what a strange rip off world this is! I now do not have any intention of ever going back there again. (no doubt I soon will see the Crewe councillors bleating on about the loss of trade to other towns – little wonder!).

  29. What they issue are invoices based on contract law. They do NOT issue fines. They do everything they can to make their letters look official but they are still just invoices. As with any invoice – if you don’t agree with it, don’t pay. Let them prove you have to.
    To claim for damages under contract law they would have to show ‘offer, consideration and acceptance’ of the contract – very doubtful that driving past a sign would be seen as ‘consideration and acceptance’. Importantly though the only damages they can claim have to be proportionate to any loss incurred. So for a car park where you can park free for 2 hours, they would really struggle to explain why the extra half an hour has caused actual financial loss of £60.
    Essentially what these scammers do is play a numbers game. Enough people are fooled by their official looking letters (and just pop a cheque in the post to them) to make it worth their while.

  30. I recently visited the retail park & have been INVOICED for #75 for staying 10 mins over the 3hrs. Please look at the Money Saving Expert website, & do not pay G24 ltd. There charges are only enforcable if they take you to court & win their case. To do this they must prove that the invoice (not fine)represents the a financial
    loss to the retailers. I will not be going back ever again.

  31. I’m disabled and parked on the site with my wife to do some shopping. My condition makes it very awkward for my wife to get me in and out of the car, and can take some time. As with the other people we also find ourselves with a £75 FINE just for overstaying by a few minutes.

  32. Do not pay the parking fines sent by G24 Ltd for parking at Grand Junction in Crewe. They are a scam. If you ignore the letters they eventually go away. Look on Money Saving Expert website for more details about this. I spent £1200 in Currys on Grand Junction – needless to say I won’t be shopping there again!

  33. We used to frequent the Grand Junction Retail Park in Crewe for most of our shopping needs. Last Saturday (27th of March) we stayed a little longer than usual, 3 hours and 25 minutes, and promptly received a parking fine in the post of £75 (£50 for prompt payment). We live nearby but will no longer go to Grand Junction Retail Park to do any of our shopping. It is unbelievable in these economic times to be fined for shopping too long. None of those stores will have our business any more, Next, Comet, M&S Food, Focus, Pets at Home, Currys, Carphone Warehouse.

  34. We visited the retail park on the 16th March and found the collection of shops really good. We spent well over £850 but were shopping for 3hrs 15 mins! We are now in receipt of a £75 fine and are trying to appeal against it. We too shall not be repeating the experience. There is another retail park with a great selection of shops and free parking at Festival Park in neighbouring Stoke on Trent and I will be going there from now on.

  35. We visited your retail park on the 13th of March which at the time was a good experience. However we are now in receipt of a car park charge notice of £75 (£50 for prompt payment) for parking in excess of 3 hours. This is bordering on daylight robbery. Needless to say it is unlikely we shall be repeating the experience.

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