Chill Factore – Skiing in Manchester

The Chill Factore opened in 2007 and is the only indoor ski slope and resort in North West England.

Situated next to Manchester’s Trafford Centre it covers an area of more than 250,000 square feet and features a main ski slope, nursery slope, luge slide, tubing lane, climbing wall, and children’s snow play area. The main slope is 180 metres long.

Qualified instructors offer group ski and snowboarding lessons to suit all levels of ability. Private lessons are also available.

Experienced skiers (i.e. those who can control their speed and direction, link turns, and use the ski lift) can purchase lift passes to access the main slope. Passes can be purchased with various durations ranging from 1 hour to 3 month summer passes.

All activities (including ski and snowboard lessons, lift passes, tubing, luge, climbing, children’s parties etc.) can be booked online at the official Chill Factore website.

Discounts & Vouchers

Considerable savings can be made by visiting the Chill Factore during off-peak hours, i.e. before 6 pm on a weekday (excluding bank holidays and certain school holidays).

Regular users should consider joining the Chill Factore’s membership scheme. Members receive a 30% discount on lessons, lift passes and other activities. Full details are available on the official website.

Discount and promotional codes are posted on their official Facebook page.


The Chill Factore offers a good selection of Alpine-themed bars and restaurants, many with views overlooking the ski slopes.

Options include a Costa coffee shop, Café Extreme, the Mont Blanc family restaurant, Nando’s, a Frederick’s ice cream parlour, and Chilli’s sports bar. The Castle in the Air, a Wetherspoon’s pub, is also here.


Alpine Street is a small shopping mall at the Chill Factore with a number of stores offering ski and outdoor related products.

Shops include Snow + Rock, Dare 2b, The North Face (outdoor equipment and clothing), Surfanic (ski wear), Subvert (snowboard store), Quicksilver & Roxy, and Evans Cycles.

There’s also a branch of Crystal Ski here. Crystal Ski are the UK’s biggest ski tour operator and offer packages to almost every major ski resort in the world.

Opening Times

The Chill Factore is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 11 pm (Wednesdays 7 am, Sundays 6.30 am).

The main slope opens at 9 am and closes at 10 pm, except on Wednesdays when it opens at 7.30 am.

Location & Directions

The Chill Factore is located next to Manchester’s Trafford Centre and Junction 10 of the M60 motorway.


Simply leave the M60 motorway at Junction 10. Visitors with satellite navigation systems should note that the postcode for the Chill Factore is M41 7JA.

The Chill Factore offers free car parking for over 300 vehicles.


There is no direct train or Metrolink service to the Trafford Centre/Chill Factore, but the Trafford Centre Metrolink Shuttle Bus offers a service between Stretford Metrolink Station and the Trafford Centre. It runs every day of the week.


Bus services X50 and 250 depart from Piccadilly Gardens for the Trafford Centre.

Buses 100 and 110 run from the Shudehill Interchange (next to Victoria train station) to the Trafford Centre.



Chill Factore – Skiing in Manchester

Address and postcode
Trafford Way
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom
M41 7JA

Visit Chill Factore – Skiing in Manchester Website

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. Fantastic place to go snowboarding. I love it.

  2. Took my grandchildren (aged 7 and 8) tubing and we all had a great time. The staff member on the slope was very friendly and helpful. He was making snow balls for the kids to throw at me as I slid down. It wasn’t cheap but we all enjoyed it.

  3. We took twenty special needs kids on the tubing and it was fantastic. Staff very friendly, helpful and really made the day. Staff treated the special kids as normal (which is unusual even in this day and age) and made sure everyone enjoyed themselves, didn’t complain as the kids kept stopping the track, slowing the queue down. I have now taken our group of kids twice and they all love it. Even wheelchair bound kids can made to feel equal to their able body peers. Well done to the Chill FactorE and Staff. Keep it up.

  4. I cannot believe Marie is moaning that she can’t afford it on benefits. GET A JOB! I’d like a Ferrari, but my normal wage for my normal job won’t buy one, but no-one bails me out – I just have to live with it. Mind you, I’m surprised that it isn’t free for all dolers, spongers, scroungers and the general workshy ‘it’s not my fault/lazyness/obesity’ brigade.
    Anyway – I came to make a point about the Chill Factor Eeee. We came as a couple and paid for the beginners lessons, over 3 evenings. There were 8 to 10 people in our group which was far too many. We all spent most of our time watching other people and got no personal tuition. We would have been better going for a 2 hour private lesson – we’re sure we would have go more out of it.
    The staff are dreadful. The front desk is understaffed and under trained. The queues are needlessly long. The people giving the clothes out don’t seem to know the difference between mens and womens clothing, or when you ask for a large mens jacket, you mean a large mens jacket, not a small womens jacket, then a small mens jacket, but hey third time lucky, twice, is suppose isn’t too bad.
    And they are so rude and arrogant too. They presumably think that they are cool working there. They’d be cooler if they did their jobs properly.
    I’m assuming that there isn’t a manager.
    I think the price is a bit steep, but I understand it costs everyone in rip off Britain to do anything, so it must cost the place a bomb in tax and electricity like it does for the man in the street.

  5. Overpriced and dreadful staff. Went last night for first and last time. Back to Rossendale or, dare I say it, Pendle for me

  6. I booked a taster lesson and it was fantastic. My tutor ‘Ausi’ Geoff was really patient. I will definitely book again.

  7. I’ve just started snowboarding lessons with my son who is 12. At 47 I thought I would be too old. Apart from having a saw bum, a bad back, sprained wrist and a pulled muscle in my leg, I think I enjoyed it .Well I am booked in for a six hour lesson feeling a bit nervy next time I’ve both feet strapped in. But it’s a great place to take the family, if you are a millionaire.

  8. The catering is a joke. If you want a kids party there I suggest you do the skiing then go elsewhere for food unless you want to run the party yourself. I’m not sure where the `event organiser` was but no-one lifted a finger to help and there was food everywhere.
    Customer service was non-existent and staff either useless or rude. I got aggressively stared out by one of the managers as he gave me a refund for food I ordered that never arrived. Then he walked off while I was (reasonably) trying to complain.
    10 days and no response to phone calls or emails. Truly terrible ignorant arrogant people.

  9. I thinks it’s amazing. I loved the snow. You don’t get a lot round Manchester. However the price is a bit expensive if you’re going with a bunch of friends and family.

  10. I couldn’t find information I was looking for on the Chill Factor e website, because I wanted to buy some gift vouchers for Xmas. So I called the number to try and speak to someone, and after an annoying automated message system I got through to bookings, where the phone just rang and rang. Intermittently it would be interrupted to ask me if I wanted to hear their terms and conditions. I was actually waiting with my wallet in my hand to buy lessons, but now I can’t be bothered!

  11. It was great! I have been skiing a few times to the likes of Andorra and Switzerland but I still think it was great fun especially when you want to mess around and have fun with your mates.

  12. Isn’t technology fantastic? Who’d have thought when I started skiing in 1983 that I would be able to ski on snow in August in Manchester 25 years later. The main slope was great and price ok for one person but to take a family it’s too expensive. I will have to teach my son on a dry slope for now. The signs / instruction for collection of equipment could do with improvement and price should be reduced for multiple visits. Beside that it is a great place to ski on real snow.

  13. Joe it doesnt cost 40 quid in Dubai – you need to sort out your exchange calculations.

  14. You can fly to Germany and use the indoor ski slope at Bottrop which has ALL DAY SKI-ING, BOOT HIRE, ALL THE FOOD YOU CAN EAT AND ALL THE BEER YOU CAN DRINK FOR ?30.00.
    Work out how much an all day skiing session would cost at this rip off place in Manchester and compare it to return flights, all day skiing, food, beer, accommodation etc.. You are being ripped off people. I live in Germany and come from Manchester. I know first hand.

  15. Two of us visited Chillfactore last week. It was my friend’s 3rd visit and my first. I have previously had lessons at Castleford and although I had progressed onto the main slope I found the crowded conditions hard to cope with. My first visit to Chillfactore turned out far more enjoyable than I had anticipated. At last I was able to concentrate on my technique instead of constantly watching out for the out of control skiers & snowboarders I have encountered at Snowscape. My only complaint at Chillfactore was that helmets were not compulsory for beginners. As a beginner I have fallen over many times but my helmet saved me from serious injury on one occasion. I am looking forward to my next visit to Chillfactore this week.

  16. I went to Chill Factor E on a birthday party. I did like it. However it was expensive and the ice creams are well over priced. Everything else was great, and it was not as cold as you might think.

  17. The prices are ridiculous. I can go to Ski Rossendale for ten pound for the full day. It isn’t real snow at Rossendale but it is just as good.

  18. Visited for the first time the other Saturday for Freestyle Night, and for my girlfriend to practice more. As far as the freestyle set up went I was pretty disappointed. The rails seemed very sticky with sketchy run ins that were either icy or uneven. No box and a c rail that took a gouge out my base. The gap kicker was probably the best thing, but even this had a sketchy run up.
    As far as the general set up goes its a pretty slick place, although didn’t try out any of the lessons or hire facilities.
    Not impressed by having to get your ticket out every time I used the lift though. I would say the large beginners’ area is worth while and the extra width of the slope compared to other domes gives it an edge for beginners, but unfortunately it was a bit of a turkey as far as the freestyle went.
    Also worth mentioning are the amazing hand dryers in Nandos. They were the best thing there!

  19. Just come back from a 7-hour day lesson at Chill Factore, and it was fantastic!
    The lesson began at 10, so I arrived at 9:30 with my receipt from when I bought the lessons, and I went to the desk and they gave me my ski-pass in under 20 seconds.
    Next, I had to go and get my kit. I went to the desk and was told to go on the weight/height machines. After getting my receipt thing you get, I was promptly given my equipment by the staff and told to wait in the ski-school waiting area.
    The lesson was fantastic and using the nursery slope to learn the trade really improved my confidence on the snow.
    We skied for about 2 and a half hours, before having an hours lunch break. After having lunch in Nando’s, it was back out to the slopes at 1:30. My instructor (Stewart) was fantastic and really helpful. He took us through some more excersises and methods, and at around 3:00 we had another 20 minute break.
    Once back on the slopes, Stewart felt we’d progressed enough to put us on the big slope. We were about half way up the slope and doing basic link turns and moving onto parallel turns.
    My only flaw was that at around 4 o’clock onwards the main slope becomes quite busy with people finishing work etc.. and with more experienced skiers and snowboarders zooming past, it got quite nerve-racking.
    At the end of my lesson, I gave my equipment back in and booked for Friday during the day as I enjoyed it so much. I paid £14 for Friday, as it’s an ‘off-peak’ time. So everyone moaning at £22, go at on off-peak time and it’s £14 for an hour and a half.

  20. Just been to Chill Factore. Well it’s end of February now, they still have issues to sort out. I tried booking on the phone, but because I wanted membership as well and the ‘servers’ were on the fritz, I couldn’t. We got there and parked in a tight spot only because our car was tiny and fitted between two very bad white line miscreants. Arrived at the desk, now this could just be me, but I wanted two adults, two full memberships and 2 hours ski/boarding. I had to pay each membership individually, then pay for our passes. We think because of all the confusion caused by this, we got 1 free ski gear and skis. I don’t know but I think we did. Aside from that, the ‘speak your weight’ machine is there but unless you know you have to use it 1st before getting your boots/skis well enough said. There was a queue of 12 people in the ‘snowboard’ only ‘signposted’ area. Only after our ski queue was empty did I manage to persuade people to switch lanes from the one snowboard lane to any of the almost empty ski lanes.
    Finally we got out, now being off the snow for 2 years, I thought I’d hit the left hand side ‘beginners slope’. After setting my bindings (snowboard), I was approached by a ‘teacher’. He told me this area was for lessons only, please move to the main slope and find a similar gradient to the left side. That actually set me off, there is no indication on any plan that says ‘paying tuition area only’ . I can board, but I wanted a safe environment to do my 1st run !
    We moved onto the main area (after I put my board on and went down the payment only slope (apparently). From there on it was absolutely fantastic, snow, cold, snow. Apart from button lifts, which tend to kill my inner thigh, ask any boarder. Anyway I caught air 5 times my 1st in quite a while, and the 10 – till 11 was no queue no hassle.
    I now need 15 more peak trips to make my membership worthwhile.
    Can I say, most of the people I saw were well up for a chat and happy to be there.

  21. OH MY GOD! I didn’t actually realise that there was so many moaning people out there! Unfortunately everything we do in this country is expensive so shut up and enjoy it. My ninth visit to Chill Factore this weekend, absolutely brilliant as usual. Sorry Mich but you cannot blame them for not letting you on the big slope, if you cant ski you cannot go on the big slope – I am not getting knocked over by some numpty who cannot ski thanks very much. £22 is not expensive for 1.5 hours skiing – you cannot compare it to going abroad as that is a completely different experience, this is a little ski slope in the middle of Manchester – INDOORS – ITS NOT OUTDOORS WITH FREE BLINKING SNOW!!!. You cannot compare to other indoor slopes in the UK either. We lived 1 1/2 away from Castleford and we had to pay for petrol to get up there – its loads cheaper now we have one in Manchester. SHUT UP MOANING ALL THE MOANERS AND JUST ENJOY IT!!!

  22. I thought it was brilliant. Me and my uncle went on the beginners slope and it was awesome.

  23. I loved the tobogganing. It was minted.

  24. Price wise you can only really compare this to options available in the UK. Now if you happen to leave in Scotland then there’s opportunity to do the real thing. If not, then you’ve got dry slopes or real indoor snow. Now I didn’t personally like the dry slopes it just doesn’t feel the same. So that leaves me with Xscape or Chill Factore.
    First up Lessons. You’re probably better off spending a week on a skiing holiday to learn, but that can be a bit pricey all up front.
    So Xscape charge £27 for an hour lesson. You need 5 lessons to complete the course though you can hit the slopes yourself after 3. So that’s around £81 – £135
    Chill factor charge £60 for one hour fifty minutes and have 3 beginners lessons and 3 development. I’ve not tried Chill factors lessons yet but I’d assume two lessons would be best before tackling the slope alone. So that’s £120 – £360
    So Id say Xscape was the better price for lessons.
    It’s £21 an hour recreational at Xscape and £22 for an hour and a half at Chill Factore so its cheaper at Chill Factore.
    I have to say the booking process is far inferior at Chill Factor and is unclear from the off where your supposed to queue and a 1 month waiting time for the tubing for kids is a little over the top. Granted you get 60 mins for £10 whereas Xscape give you 30 mins for £8 or £9 for peek times. Chill Factore should cut the time down to 30 mins like Xscape, as that’s probably all kids need as they’d get bored and non skiing parents would freeze.
    So its an impressive slope in a desirable location but it really does need to improve it’s booking system.

  25. What sort of word is ‘povs’ Lesley? Are you suggesting that people less fortunate than yourself should not be entitled to participate in these leisures? If so, people like you make me want to vomit!

  26. Those moaning about the experience are idiots. This seems a great facility for someone to try it out then maybe book a holiday based on how they perceive their ability to ski/board. But people moaning about the price – why not pay £300 and have a long weekend in Europe in Alps, or Bulgaria – cheaper still. You can get a week pass in popular Austrian resorts for ?250 and hit the slopes for 40 hours + if you are up for first lifts.
    My only suggestion for this place would be for advanced skiers or boarders to be able to have smaller allocated freestyle sessions. I would gladly pay £22 for an hour to work on tricks but would not expect to get any kind of carving pleasure. scale is everything – relative to crowds. Blackcombe Vancouver is still the best resort I have even visited (peak to peak 3km of football field wide run with loads of sections).

  27. Looks great…keep the prices as they are…keeps the Pov’s out!!!

  28. I have sent two letters of complaint about the way we were treated at the front desk and they haven’t even had the decency to reply. A new place has opened and the management totally lack customer care.

  29. AWFUL EXPERIENCE. Arrived on day, saw a desk for pre-booked tickets and one for today’s tickets. Queued for 1 hour 45 minutes, got to front of line( only one girl on duty) only to be told this was the queue for pre-booked tickets and that the sign was wrong.Had to join another long line of angry people who had also joined the wrongly signed queue, bought tickets for February, got home, found out they had over-charged us, and decided to cancel At first they said they would send a payment out by post which I refused as I used a switch card They then said a refund would be paid into my bank. 10 days later, phoned up to see why my money had not been refunded only to be told the company has a no-refund policy. Can anybody tell me where this policy is printed? It certainly is not on the tickets. Call centre then said they would call me back in less than 5 mins. Half an hour later, I phoned them back to find out the man dealing with me had gone home. Then told somebody else would call me back, only to tell me that chillfactore had taken TWO more payments off my card without my authorisation, and they were "looking into the matter". I immediately checked my bank account and found out they had not took any money. I would like to thank all who work at chillfactore for my diabolical experience, and wish you all a speedy trip to bankruptcy.

  30. We have just experienced the full day package for beginners. We purchased the tickets in November for January and were not given much info at booking as to how the session works. We arrived about 25mins before due to start and had trouble getting parking space then had to queue at pre book desk and finally got through turnstile a couple of minutes after session due to start. no one about to direct people and the place was chaos. It took about 40mins to get sorted with equipment. (make sure you go to machine which weighs, takes height and shoe size before going to the desks to pick up equipment). By this time we were behind for the 1st session. Felt pressured in to advancing before technique anywhere near ready whether this was due to delay we don’t know as nothing to compare it to. There is a 30min break after what would have been 2 hrs but be aware you either need to bring a snack/drink or make sure you have sufficient change for the two machines in the changing area. If you hire clothing they are tagged and you cannot go out in to the area where the restaurants are. Part way through the second session I took a break from the lesson as Id had a few falls and again felt the lesson was progressing to quickly. The second session was another 2hrs and then there is an hr break. We still didn’t know about the clothing being tagged at this point and our party changed out of ski boots and went out to get something to eat and set the alarm off. A security guard appeared and explained about the tagging but after we explained how little time we had to get something to eat we were lucky he saw sense and did not ask us to return.There is no way you would have enough time to get changed eat and get changed again in the hr allowed for the break. There is then a final 1hr 20min session. As well as these issues the overall impression of the place is that there needs to be more control of people milling about and particularly in the nursery slope area with people congregated at the bottom of the slope either finishing a session or waiting to start.

  31. Me and my brother have been twice now and are going again this week! I think it’s fab, and seriously what is wrong with £22? It’s skiing on real snow in England and it’s a great slope. Lucky Manchester wish Liverpool had one!

  32. I got beginner ski lessons here for Christmas and its amazing! The teachers are really good and they teach at a good pace. I can’t wait to go on the big slope on my next lesson! There’s only one thing wrong with it. It’s not very well signposted when you are in there and the part where you hire your skis and clothing is absolute chaos sometimes! It’s an amazing experience and even though the price is high it’s well worth it.

  33. I would love to go, but it’s too expensive for a family of 4 though when you are on benefits. It would take up all the money we are allowed for two weeks.

  34. I think £22 is very very cheap. I had to pay £40 for 1.5 hours in Ski Dubai.

  35. What’s going on with the phones? I have called every day for a week now and still can’t get through. The website is still advertising the same number and no mention of internal problems.

  36. I got my husband tickets for a Christmas present. I couldn’t do it as I was ill so I gave my ticket to my bother in-law. They had the best time. The staff were great. We arrived 45 minutes late due to traffic and they got us in. The tutor Pete was brilliant fun to be with and taught them everything they needed to know for first time skiers. I can’t wait to go back and try it myself. I will being asking for Pete to teach me. He was lovely. Thanks to all the staff for making Noel’s day. You have to try it but wrap up warm as it’s bloody cold.

  37. Just tried to book in advance – had to ring back 25 times before being put through to the queue – had to give up after being on hold for 10 minutes. No on-line booking either – very poor service before even getting through the door. They need to sort it out!

  38. I’m amazed there’s still people whinging about the prices. It’s fair enough to complain if you haven’t had good service but to whinge about the prices is just plain funny. Skiing is more accessable now than it has ever been, no longer the reserve for the wealthy. I’m sorry but it just amuses me, some people are never happy unless they’re complaining.
    Can you even comprehend what it must have cost to build that place and what it must cost to run it!?! Probably not, oh small minded ones.

  39. The prices are way too high. 22 pounds for 1.5 hours. You can get 4 hours for that price at Snowworld in Holland and that’s quite expensive there. 1.5 hours is just plain robbery.

  40. Just got back home to Sheffield from this place and as I expected the drive over the Snake Pass was more fun. Don’t waste your money yet guys, the managers’ of Chill Factore aren’t fit to run the bath yet. Rarely have I come across anything so lacking in basic organisation.

  41. I think everyone needs to stop moaning! I went on a works night out, there was about 40 of us, and you have to admit that’s not an easy group to handle! It only took about 15 mins to get ready, they got us into our groups and took us out onto the slopes. I was gutted about the timing but there was a large group! I will definitely be going again with my partner and yes it is a little pricey but well worth it! Also we had a meal after, it was GORGEOUS! Well done chill factor!

  42. I’ve not been on the slope yet but it looks great and I was very pleased to see the new grind box and jumps being constructed. So something for everyone. All new things have teething problems and nothings perfect. For me the convenience of a great slope all year round supersedes all.

    Good afternoon. Myself and my partner visited your new complex on Friday 16th opening day. We handed over our cash and received our plastic lift pass and had an excellent time. Alas, we visited last night and what a difference! We went to pay and was amazed to find the price had risen. We were told it was because we were running over the 6 o clock peak time and the price alters accordingly! Where on your website or within the building itself is this information displayed, explaining that you have to pay part off peak and part peak? Lucky i hadn’t travelled for over an hour with just the correct amount of money in my pocket! We were given cardboard lift passes which as soon as got wet started to disintegrate – i can only assume there were not enough plastic ones to go around, or was it the fact the slope was seriously over crowded. As soon as we entered the slope area the right hand lift broke down, leaving around 80 people queuing for the left one – long waiting times and no skiing. We did two runs each on what what can only be described as a terrible, cordoned off, icy slope and that took 25 minutes of our valuable lift pass up. We decided to return to reception and ask for a refund, simple we thought, until we discovered we hadn’t been given a receipt. After being offered our passes to be transfered, or vouchers, which we refused, we managed to get our cash back with the help of a very understanding girl who was in charge of the float last night. There was no trace of us on the computer system which caused confusion as we have never, and still haven’t put our details on! both times we just turned up and payed, although we were told we should have had to book in and give all our details? We were the lucky ones, as half hour later they closed the slope completely and reception was chaotic! This was a good call as the slope was in very poor condition, icy, dangerous and overcrowded. Even when we were leaving the slope, there must have been at least another 40+ people just about to go on. No room to ski, long waiting times, broken lifts and no snow do not make a good experience. I’m just glad we didn’t purchase membership on day one, as we are in two minds whether to even bother again after the farce we experienced. A lot of people were very disappointed yesterday and i hope this email doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

  44. I went to Chillfactor last night and it was brilliant. £22 for 1.5 hours is a bargain, Castleford charge £26 for 1 hour. Slope wasnt busy which helped me loads being a beginner. Staff were ok, they answered out questions. If I had to criticise it would the booking in, we booked over the phone which was no problem, but when we got to the desk for checking in, it was mayhem but it did only take us 10 mins to get through. Anyway, I would recommend it to anyone and I think £22 is a bargain for 1.5 hours entertainment – in this day and age that is cheap! People know how much it is before they go so If you dont want to pay £22, then dont go, but your missing out!!!!

  45. It’s absolutely cool. I went the day after it opened it was super fun. A great day out with the children. The sledging is great and the kids area is marvelous.

  46. Hi I was just wondering if this new ski slope does party deals? I’m turning 14 in January and have to find a party cheap enough to convince my mum, but I wanted to go this place so bad!

  47. And it’s good exercise and fun! I can’t wait to go.

  48. I think it’s great that we’ve got a ski slope in Manchester. It gives us something different to do than cinemas or bowling.

  49. What a total waste of 3 hours waiting around to be told you have to pre-book. What a disappointment. Too expensive, too many inexperienced staff, too many issues to want to return. Teeth problems, yes probably, but a dry run should have sorted these out. Bad management.

  50. I admire anyone who can get a ski trip to the Alps for less than £300! It’s not priced for the ‘rich’, what a ridiculous statement. It is more expensive than a dry ski slope and so it should be! I’m not sure what planet some people are on but surely 1.5 hours going down the same slope is plenty! Of course it’s going to be busy, it’s high season and only just opened. Unbelievable. You get what you pay for which is why places like Val Thorens can charge more than lesser resorts. This is the same, if you want cheap then go cheap but don’t slag off the better places!

  51. I live 10 minutes away from it but it is priced for the rich. 20 hours would cost me more than a trip to the Alps.

  52. They also seem to be closing the slope at 9pm at the moment, which is not good. Especially if you have just driven over there and there is nothing on the web site to state this!

  53. Trying to buy lessons is easier said than done! We waited in a queue for 40 minutes – gave up and then tried to buy gift vouchers over the phone, only to be told we had to purchase in person. I was assured that a manager would call me back and am still waiting for the call (3 days later). I waited on hold for 10 minutes to speak to someone yesterday. I don’t think that they want my money!!!

  54. I’ve just been on the Xscape site and it says £21 for 1 hour not 2 and £35 for 2 consecutive hours not 3.

  55. Just visited the centre today and it’s fantastic! Both my wife and I were impressed with the look and feel of the place – it takes you to the Alps for an afternoon. They are experiencing a few obvious teething problems which no doubt they will iron out. But overall It’s a fantastic venue and we are very lucky to have it in Manchester. To the detractors who believe that people should be allowed on the slopes without proper tuition (regardless of cost) I say how irresponsible! They are not profiteering but maintaining good safety standards. And to those who keep comparing the price to Leeds – I say go to Leeds! It will keep the slopes clear for those prepared to pay for a skiing experience in Manchester! Good luck Chill Factore – an improvement would be a couple of rails and small jumps but given time.

  56. I think it will great for my birthday on the 27 December. It’s great to have some snow around here for once!

  57. I usually go to Xscape. I will try the Chill, but £22 for 1.5 hours isn’t enough time. You should either knock the price down a bit, or add more time.

  58. I went on Saturday. Just to warn people. If you’ve never skied before like me they don’t let you on slope unless you’ve paid £150 for lessons. What a joke. I. was never told this on the phone when booking. Also get there really early because even though you’ve pre-booked you still have to queue for ages!

  59. I’ve been. The money is not an issue and I completely recommend it to you – Awesome!

  60. Can you imagine. Just rung to buy 3 gift vouchers for Christmas. They haven’t got any and don’t know if they’ll have any in time for Christmas!
    Someone in promotions needs a rocket! The place looks absolutely fabulous! Can’t wait to try it.

  61. Stop whinging about the prices! It’s good quality snow in England, that isn’t exactly cheap to produce or maintain! For crying out loud, if you want cheap then go to a dry ski slope!
    As for it being pointless, well I can ski and I think it is a great idea to get back into the swing of things before a trip to the Alps. Personally I wouldn’t touch dry slopes, they’re enough to put people off skiing for life.

  62. What a disappointment. It’s 15% more expensive than Xscape for less time, has no jumps or kickers at all, and the 180 meters they claim is only actually 100 m, with an 80 m beginner slope. What a cheat, con, and pile of poo. I will stick to Xscape thanks.

  63. I wish you would all stop moaning about £22. What do you spend in the local pub on beer? "WE GOT SNOW IN MANCHESTER" . Anymore than 1 hour and a half is boring. It’s good to get you back in to it before you go away.

  64. Chill Factore looks amazing! What an addition to Manchester’s already fantastic city! Can’t wait to take my children and hope it’s not too expensive for us single mums.

  65. This looks ace! I can’t wait to go, but I agree it is far too expensive and an hour is not long enough.

  66. The prices are pathetically expensive and it’s pointless for those who can already ski if it’s just 1 hour!

  67. Is there a web site where I can book? Do you know if they have kids parties? My son is 12 next birthday and this would be great for him and his mates.

  68. Do you run any snow boarding courses? I`m looking for something different for my 16 year old son for Christmas.

  69. Can’t wait to get started!! its about time we had bigger and better snow conditions in Manchester! (ding dang doo).

  70. Can’t wait! Might be going on Sat. Too bad it’s in Manchester! Should be in Liverpool. Oh well, still have a good time hopefully!

  71. Prices are a tadge expensive and could do with dropping, but then again the Snowdome is £23 for just one hour. Think I might give it one go but if you can ski I can’t really see the point. and if you need lessons they are far better in the resort you are travelling to. But that may be just my opinion.

  72. Yes I totally agree. Drop the price.

  73. I was going to go but £22 is far too expensive! 1.5 hrs is nowhere near long enough. 2.5 hours would be more like it.

  74. Will the centre be providing birthday party packages including equipment, skiing time, food and party bags? What age ranges and minimum numbers of children in the group? This would be a good way for children to try skiing as a sport and good publicity for the centre so I hope this would be taken into consideration when pricing for such a party.

  75. I think it is ridiculous. When there are 5 of you all wanting to go on it’s over a hundred pounds and an hour is not long enough for you to learn so you would have to have 2 hours and that would cost over £200.

  76. If you think £22 for 1.5 hours is steep I’d agree. I’m going regularly to Xscape at Castleford. Weekender session is £35 for 3 hours. Still pricey, but a lot better than £44!
    Manchester would be better for me to travel to, but until Chill Factore price sessions/deals that are attractive, I won’t bother.

  77. I think £22.00 for 1.5 hours is rather expensive. The price should be lowered.

  78. 22 pound for 1.5 hours! Come on. That is ridiculous. It should be 22 pound for 2.5 hours, thats more like it. Think about how much time it takes to go around the whole course. Very disappointed that the time wasn’t looked into! Hope this will be changed in the near future as they realise that it’s just not enough!

  79. I wish we could have more time on the course than 1.5 hours
    and £22 is a bit expensive for 1.5 hours. We need more time than that.

  80. 16th Nov, visited on the opening night – not mega busy as expected which was great! took the kids to go on the Tubes – great fun – however – we were double booked – prices had changed/increased quite a bit (from web site prices) and didn’t get to go on as many times as expected – travelator wasn’t working! staff are very friendly but show absolutely no authority regarding the queuing system! (a bit of pushing in going on) Nandos wasn’t open yet but Chiquitos was lovely. Hopefully just teething problems so am definitely going back!

  81. I would like to know if you cater for kids parties and prices would be nice. It’s about time Manchester had snow. I might come for Christmas.

  82. okay so the prices seem okay but how do we book?? Do we need experience?
    Why is there no info?

  83. give us some info on times prices etc, very off putting when you are telling us nothing, not a good start.

  84. my son Lewis and I will be bringing 5 mates for his 13th birthday party in Jan please think about us single mums trying to keep up with the times, please keep the prices sensible xx cheers

  85. Well done Peter, and Chris… A wonderful addition to North West!
    Web site good, however there needs to be more pictures and video clips added soon now it is open .. Who needs the French Alps when we have Urmston and Trafford !!!!

  86. bring it on!!!!!!

  87. how do we contact you, the open evening was last night so when do you open to the general public?

  88. What are the opening hours and what is peak time and off peak time? Can you turn up and pay or do you need to pre-book?

    ADULT 1.5 HOURS £22 PEAK, £17 OFF-PEAK

  90. Anybody know how much it is to go?

  91. I can’t wait to go because it’s my birthday on Saturday and all my mates will love it .

  92. I can’t wait to take my son Jayden on the toboggan. It should be fantastic.

  93. Will there be anything available for disabled people? My 12 year old son is in a wheelchair and i think he would absolutely love to have an opportunity to have a go too. I can just picture him laughing now!

  94. It’s my 18th birthday on Friday !!! I’m definitely going here.

  95. Hope everyone is up for a good laugh! At last Manchester has got somewhere for us to chill. I only live round the corner so it’s my second home!

  96. I can’t wait to go chill factor but I’m going to wait till it’s not so busy. I recently broke my ankle so i’m a bit scared in case i hurt it again!

  97. I actually can’t wait! i just hope that when you go the slope isn’t really packed.

  98. Will kids be able to sledge on the snow fun sessions?

  99. Please keep the prices sensible. Will there be lessons for mature adults?



    ADULT 1.5 HOURS £22 PEAK, £17 OFF-PEAK

  103. Have been waiting for this for some time after the Haydock Snow Dome fell through. Still can’t find out prices though as the web site doesn’t seem to work at all without flash.

  104. How do i find out about prices to visit the chill factor and opening times?

  105. I can’t wait for chill factor to open. It should be cool and awesome. Please keep the price down.

  106. How do i find out about prices to visit the chill factor and opening times?

  107. Been skiing in France and Colorado. I’m sure this will be fabulous.

  108. What, all that fridge and no ice climbing wall?

  109. Fantastic. No more trekking to Tamworth! Can’t wait. About time we had this sort of facility in our area.


  111. i’been skiing for years i just hope it lives up to its reputation

  112. I can’t wait. I’ve never skied before and I would love to try it out, before my planned trip in March. It’s going to be fun. I hope it’s not going to be too expensive and not too small so everyone can enjoy themselves!

  113. It sounds so good. I can’t wait to try it . It will probably be very expensive and the hours will not be much cop but what nowadays is cheap? I’m still going try it out though! And Rick not all Mancunians are brained dead scallies. Roll On The Ski Slope!

  114. I am looking forward to going but how much does it cost to get in?

  115. For the stupid div called rick. Not everyone from manchester is a brain dead scally. You play golf i think you summed yourself up in one.

  116. As long as group bookings are fairly cheap, i’ll be there! It really does look the dogs danglies!

  117. Can’t wait for it to open. I’m fed up traveling to Tamworth or Castleford. And my daughter has just reached her level 2 so hoping to transfer her lessons to Manchester as its only 25mins in the car.

  118. The building is huge but not particularly attractive. Still, I will make the trip from Swindon and I can go shopping too. Fantastic!

  119. I just cant wait for the chill factore to open as its only a 10min drive. I can board all year round. I’m so excited.

  120. Really looking forward to the opening. However I think we all know it’s going over priced, far to busy and ruined by the brain dead scallies in Manchester. Just visit the driving range next door and you’ll know what I mean.

  121. can’t wait!….

  122. I just can’t wait for the Chill factore to open. I hope to visit every week. I may have to get the bus sometimes, which is an hour from Stockport, but who cares, I’m sure it will be worth it.

  123. Can’t wait to get on a slope that’s less than 2 hours drive away or several hours flying! Please don’t charge the earth – there’s 6 of us and we’d like to be able to go weekly! Annual/6-monthly family membership (not the price of a small mortgage) would be fabulous!

  124. Will be a good change for me to go to Trafford rather than all the way to Xscape in Castleford.
    Keep the prices competitive & offer membership schemes.

  125. It’s great having a local ski centre, from the sounds of things its going to be pricey. Might be better to save a little more and go abroad for the true and real experience. We don’t need congestion fees and expensive facilities.

  126. ICE ICE ICE !!! BABY !!!!! BRING ON THE FUN !!


  128. I drive past it every day and it looks amazing. The past week they’ve been putting the lights on inside. It really does look brilliant.

  129. Its been a long time coming to get an indoor ski centre in Manchester. Like all other remarks I hope it’s not too expensive. Weekends will be busy so hope it’s open till late mid week.

  130. I am looking forward to trying it out as I love my boarding. The taster sessions are £17/£22 adult peak & off peak (50 mins) and 3 session beginners lessons (1hr 50mins each) are £150. I’ve been told that a beginner probably won’t have gained the minimum requirements for the main slope after only 1 taster session so the beginners course is more suitable. Value for money? I’m not so sure.

  131. Is anything being done about the effect the Chill Factore building is having on local TV reception?
    What about the introduction of congestion charging? The Chill Factore is inside the outer boundary so it will cost every vehicle £2 to get from the M60 to the Chill Factore.

  132. I hope there will be children’s party opportunities and beginner classes for the kids.

  133. I have just got a job in Chill Factore and it sounds and looks amazing. Should be a lot of fun working there.

  134. Can’t wait to go. Just keep prices sensible and introduce a family package at a discounted rate.

  135. It’s going to be brilliant but I’m sure it’s going to be very expensive too.

  136. I can’t wait for the chill to open. I hope it’s like it is on the mountains. It’s going to be so much fun now there’s something to do in Manchester.

  137. Cant wait for the slope to open. Don’t price yourselves out of the game though. Annual membership would be good.


  139. It will take me 20 minutes max to get there and I can’t wait. I’ve never been snowboarding before!

  140. Looking forward to it, but I bet the prices are going to be a complete rip off.

  141. I hope prices aren’t dead expensive but I can’t wait it’s going to brilliant.

  142. Just what the North West needed. I just hope the owners don’t get greedy and keep pricing sensible (and that includes drink and food). An annual membership would be good.

  143. Like everyone else – my family and I just cannot wait for this to open – I hope they have reasonably priced lessons as well as affordable hourly rates for those who can already ski!

  144. This is great for Manchester. Let’s hope the cost of the skiing is kept at a reasonable price.

  145. I hope that Manchester City Council keep it outside their congestion charge zone. The Leeds site is £25 for two hours so I hope they keep the price sensible. As with anything in life, if the price is right people will come. Try to be greedy and people will know you are trying to rip them off. Roll on November!!

  146. I am so glad that this is opening. I have been waiting for something like this to happen for ages. But I really hope that the prices are not too bad so I can go a lot.

  147. I can’t wait, it sounds great. I just hope it isn’t too expensive!

  148. wow, its going to be awesome having one withing 2 hours drive away yay!

  149. Bring it on, any possibility of some early taster runs before the opening !!

  150. This is just going to be fantastic. I cannot wait for it to open. It’s also great for Manchester.

  151. Can’t wait. Such a long drive to anywhere else. It’s what manchester needs.

  152. I’ll be there every weekend.

  153. Looking forward to this so much. It should be really cool!

  154. I really can’t wait for this to open! It’s going to be awesome!

  155. Chill factor should be really good I hope. It looks pretty good when you’re driving past on the motorway!

  156. Chill Factore is now scheduled to open in November 2007.

  157. I’m really looking forward to this place opening. Will save me the long trek to Castleford. Just hope they keep prices reasonable.

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