Southport Pleasureland

Southport Pleasureland is one of the North West’s top attractions. The theme park is based right on the seafront within easy walking distance of the town centre.

The park is completely free to enter and offers a great selection of rides and stalls, attractive landscaped grounds, a family arcade, plus food and drink outlets.


Rides at Pleasureland include the Wild Cat, Log Flume, Extreme XXL, Carousel, and Waltzer. The Giant Observation Wheel offers great views of Southport and the surrounding area. There’s also a Go Karts track and plenty of smaller rides suitable for small children and toddlers.

The Sega Prize Zone family arcade offers a good choice of amusements. Machines here include children’s games of skill, ranging from two penny pushers right up to air hockey tables. It also offers the latest simulated racing and sci-fi machines, boasting huge LED screens and realistic sounds.

Opening Times

Pleasureland is open weekends and through school holidays from 11 am until 6 pm. The season extends to at least the end of October with a Happy Halloween week during half-term. See the official Southport Pleasureland website (details in information box below) for a full calendar of opening dates and times.

Admission Prices

Unlike many other amusement parks, Southport Pleasureland is completely free to enter.  Visitors only pay for rides, making it an extremely attractive option for families.  Riders purchase a Fun Card for £1 (which includes a souvenir lanyard) and load it with tokens, each costing £1.  Fun Cards can be topped up and unused tokens can be used on another visit providing it is within the season it was purchased.  Rides cost between one and four tokens, the majority being two.


Facilities at Pleasureland include car parking, baby change units, disabled toilets, and cash machines.  Food and drink outlets include the Illy Coffee Bar, situated within the Casablanca indoor family area.

Location & Directions

Southport Pleasureland is located on Marine Drive/Esplanade on Southport seafront. Sat nav users can use the postcode PR8 1RX to find it.


There has been an amusement park on the same site as Pleasureland for over 100 years. The current owner, Norman Wallis, has family connections to the original attraction.

Norman took over the park in 2007 after Blackpool Pleasure Beach closed the site, dismantling and destroying most of the remaining attractions and infrastructure.  It has been a labour of love for Norman to bring it back to the high standard it has reached today.  The work hasn’t stopped with Norman adding new attractions each season.




Southport Pleasureland

Address and postcode
Marine Drive
United Kingdom

Visit Southport Pleasureland Website

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. I took my young daughter here last week and she had a great time. I liked that you didn’t have to pay to get in and we had a reasonably cheap day considering the fun we had. I think they should introduce a wristband scheme though. I can imagine if you had a large family the costs could mount pretty quickly. The rides were quite good and the place was clean. It’s not exactly Disneyland but isn’t too bad for Southport.

    • I agree Samantha. I’m 62 and though the log flume is up my street it’s more for the younger ones but being free admission it is fantastic. I didn’t win anything on the stalls I went on but wasn’t bothered. I enjoyed myself and my grown up children did too. Who needs Blackpool? I’m going again soon. It’s a fab day out for old and young alike. 10/10

  2. I went to Southport Pleasure Beach the other day and found it quite good. Pity about The Thompson gang taking the rides away from the old park. Also went to the Pleasure Beach Blackpool a couple of years ago. Now entrance is by wristbands. This is no good if you take your grandchildren in and don’t particularly want to go on rides. But it’s a sign of the times. You get ripped just for just going in.

  3. So cool

  4. I’ve been assessing Southport area and, reading peoples views about Pleasureland. What’s very sad is, over the last 40 years, fewer and fewer predatory business people have amassed wealth through domination, greed and arrogance but, to top it all, they don’t give a stuff for people or the environment.
    People may act as brainwashed sheep heading to Blackpool but, one day, like seeing town centre shops close down and a shift and divide of society into ghettos and elite areas, the ruin of the fabric of the country and society results. Along with resentment, hatreds and crimes.
    Now, if I get into a position to take over or, influence this park, it would become a jewel in the crown of Southport and attract people from far and wide as well as spiteful competitors.
    Let’s wait and see during 2013-14

  5. well the new pleasure land is great i would recommend to adults and children because i used to go as a child but i thinck this one will be 10x better. loads and millions of memories. katie ; ]

  6. Had a lovely time, to be honest that was more the weather then the fair! Ok but like any other traveling one you get at the local park. TAKE UR OWN DRINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It is wicked! !!!!!!

    • I went there a while ago and I love it I also like the arcade👾
      But I think that they should do the wrist band thing 😉
      Other than that I think it’s great😎👊

  8. OMG thats so cool opening in april cant wait i luv wildcat…if only mickey mouse was there!!!!

  9. Went last week to new pleasureland (24th March 2012) and I must admit it’s looking a lot better than previous years. New rides lots of painting been done and after speaking to a staff member was informed that there will be even more rides and new cafe’s etc!! We had a great time, so well done to whoever has acquired the place, keep it up:) can’t wait now for Easter as we will definitely be going back!

  10. Well, new pleasureland is now on the up again for 2012 with new rides and a commited new owner. Woopeeee!!

  11. Visited today 5/8/11. Took 4 and 2 year old sons and husband and had a great day. We got effectively half price tickets through Rock FM which made the cost very reasonable. Hook a duck was the only extortionate price at £3 where we couldn’t use the BOGOF voucher. Lots for little ones but if you are a family and the adults want a ride, go with another family and take turns to go on the thrills rides with the others looking after the kids. Definitely going back. Great day.

  12. I went to new pleasure land sat 04/06/11 with my wife and two kids. My kids are 9 and 11 years and I have to say they had a great time. First time I have been there since 2009 and there is a lot more there now and I think it’s improving greatly. I do not visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach any more as I will not pay the prices. When I was a kid we used to walk in and look around and plan what we might go on and budget for it. But now you have to pay a mortgage payment before seeing a ride. Keep it up New Pleasure Land, you will get there.

  13. Well, I read this sites reviews and I have to say I really wasn’t looking forward to going to Pleasureland. I am 13 and I have just got back with my family and i have to say I loved every minute. It was pouring with rain but it was still amazing and the rides weren’t shut. The downside I have to say are the prices, costing £2 – £3 per ride. I can’t wait to go back as my mum said she will take me and my brother again before we go back to school as we really loved it!

  14. I went to Pleasureland with my family while on holiday in Southport from Brighton and I must say it was the most soul less place I have ever visited in my life. The music on the rides was so low and repetitive you wouldn’t think the place was open for people. We visited the cafe by the bumper cars and the food was a disgrace. I would of not given it to a dog let alone my 5 year old son and the prices were a joke. £3 for a hook a duck and we won a prize and the person on the stall refused to hand over the teddy bear to us. It just looks like they are employing under-age workers there as well as it looked staffed by children and misfits. A place NOT to take your children.

  15. We took our 5 year old grandson to Pleasure Land. What a shambles. £3 for hook a frog and he could not pick a prize from all the crap on offer. Most rides cost £2 which was steep for the sort of kids rides they were. The young staff looked like they wanted to escape too. Would avoid it like the plague.

  16. We went to Pleasureland on Easter Sunday and we found the fair quite boring and full of scallies. The Wild Cat ride got stuck when we were going up the first bit.

  17. The fair was well good and I had a lot of fun there.

  18. Used to go there as a child with my parents. I have loads of happy memories of Pleasureland.

  19. When I was little, I used to love coming to Pleasureland. As soon as you walked in there was a great atmosphere. The whole place was filled with laughter and merriment. I recently visited the theme park and was very disappointed at what I saw.
    It was dull and like a ghost town. The only rides were like the ones you see outside chip shops for young children. I would not advise Pleasureland.

  20. So angry at what the Blackpool Pleasure Beach owners did to old Pleasureland. Someone should buy the land and restore it properly. I must admit, however that New Pleasureland was doing well (for a new park only just re-opened), and was quite fun at Halloween. Unfortunately now though, it looks bare and boring.

  21. I used to love Pleasureland. I remember queuing for TraumaTizer in 1999, aged 6, worried sick about what was ahead. Great days. Recently went to Pleasure Beach and it was dead. Went on TraumaTizer 14 times in a row!

  22. I visited New Pleasureland recently (01/03/2009) and was disgusted and disheartened at the feeble attempt made to re-launch the park. The name New Pleasureland, as the propaganda-like advertising suggests that it would be an improvement on the Great Pleasureland of old. I was however introduced to a building site with a few gypsy-like caravans and the odd temporary ride. I can only suggest that if you have ever been to the original Pleasureland with legendary rides such as Cyclone (now demolished) or Traumatiser (transported to Pleasure Beach), that you do not visit this dismal place. There was no hint of happiness on the faces of the park goers. It is safe to say that New Pleasureland does not pleasure its thrill seekers.

  23. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is next. £5 admission charge, rides not operating, shows closed and restaurant closed. The Thompsons should sell up now and find real people that want to operate this once fine park or Blackpool may end up with a rather large building site.

  24. I spent my early working years at Pleasureland. We had a great crew who took a pride in the park and their rides. I was devastated when I visited last year and decided to take a walk down. I remember good times with the likes of Ray Rimmer, Bernie Jake, Tony Caulfield, Phil Picket and some of the best guys you could work with. The park gave a lot to me in experience and memories. Very sad to see it.

  25. I worked there for 8 years and you could tell by the changes over the years it was going to close. I don’t think it would have closed if Jeffrey Thompson was still alive and his mother. His kids are just spoilt money grabbing toffs, who didn’t care for anyone or Southport. I think we should give the new fella a chance, we all have to start somewhere and at least everyone has still somewhere to go! All the moaning is not going to get the old one back, we all miss it! They should never have let Tony Corfield leave. He was a diamond to the company, and it went down hill from there.

  26. I am so disgusted that Blackpool cut off the best small fair going. I literally visited that fair twice a year. And enjoyed it every time. If i’m being perfectly honest it was better than Blackpool. Amanda is a stupid woman. She hasn’t thought about what she has done, she has broken peoples hearts, who enjoyed that park. She has also made things worse for Blackpool. She is a very rich woman, who has obviously done well in the investment industry. She has now closed down so many things just to be loyal to her father who adored Pleaure Beach Blackpool. It’s not about her father, it’s about the business and what goes right. She has thought completely wrong, and has made so many mistakes. I’m hoping she’s regretted the closure of Pleasureland, because it was such a decent fairground. She is making a lot more mistakes because she is now making people pay more money just to enter the park. It happened with Southport. She is only interested in money. And believe me readers, this is going to backfire on her so much. She will be absolutely devastated. I went to Blackpool in 2007, and the PMBO was closed because of faults, Avalanche was, Ice Blast was and so was the Irn Bru. I wasted a lot of money basically going on merry-go rounds. I did complain, and got an apology straight from Amanda. The rides are all very old, and are braking so easily. She either needs to kick herself up the *arse*, and get rid of the rides that aren’t doing so well and apologise to the public for doing what she has done, and she needs to bring a very large amount of money into a great investment into the fair, instead of using it on herself. Or she will just get the fair closed, and that will become a dump site along of the others she has dramatically ruined!

  27. I was project manager for Pleasure Beach closing down Pleasureland and it was a sad project to work on. Most rides were transferred to blackpool and are in storage, never to be seen again. The Thompsons are money grabbers and dont give a dam about towns or communities.

  28. Can I just say, I went there a few weeks ago and very disappointed to see what they have done to the place, with stomach churning travelling fairground rides that are dodgy. In my opinion, Sefton Council should have closed it for good, or sold it to the likes of Alton Towers, they would have done a better job.
    Why people say the Pleasure Beach is expensive I do not know. It’s not expensive you can book online for your wristband and get about a £10 knocked off the price, buy a season pass for the year and gets you unlimited rides throughout the year and its definitely worth it. If you go to Alton towers they even charge you £5 to use there car park and plus £30 an adult to get in. I don’t even like Alton Towers as there is far too much walking and the cable cars are to slow.
    I do admit Blackpool is tacky going up north but round the Pleasure Beach its not. Please support the £5 charge at the Pleasure Beach next year. Don’t let it end up like Pleasureland Southport and Frontierland Morecambe.
    R.I.P Pleasureland and Frontierland.

  29. I used to work at the old fair and believe it or not we all got the sack via a news broadcast later that night. The park failed because of the fact that you had to buy a wrist band whether you were going to ride or not.
    Yes the same applies to Alton Towers the difference being there a much bigger company and if you don’t like rides you can walk around the gardens and enjoy the view. The bottom line is that the owner hasn’t leaned her lesson because she is adding the wristband rule to Blackpool next year.

  30. The new pleasure land is great with the new rides but they could cut the prices down for the older children.

  31. I have just seen an article which says it was owned by the Blackpool Pleasure Beach company. Shame it got demolished. I’m surprised they haven’t built housing on it like every where else!

  32. I am a scouser and I am very proud to be! Brian you sound like a idiot and I wonder where you come from? This is about PLEASURELAND NOT PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT PLACES.

  33. I am really upset about this whole Pleasureland thing! I am from the Wirral and used to love travelling up to Southport to the fair as I was allowed to venture up there with nothing but £20 in my pocket and a train ticket, from the age of 14!
    It was an amazing day and me and my friends used to stay all day then spend some of the night in the local food places, that are now surely loosing out!
    I am now 16 and not allowed to Blackpool due to the "seedy" atmosphere of the pier, and I must admit I went with my mum, step dad and step sister last year, and was shocked by what I saw. Blackpool is badly located and FAR too expensive, not to mention the queues. Sort it out Pleasureland owners! WE WANT OUR SOUTHPORT BACK!

    • Hi just read your comments about Southport fair.
      As a blind person, used to go on trips there when I was at school.
      The Liverpool city taxis used to take us. Was fun.

  34. Bank holiday Monday 26 May 2008, just got home from a day out to Southport’s Pleasureland – never again!!! BE WARNED what use to be a great fair is now just a travelling funfair that has settled on what looks like a building site. Such a shame as this was a great day out for the kids young and old!!!!!

  35. Went to Southport on Sunday and was extremely disappointed. The site itsself is not really safe and resembles a building site. The rides are really expensive – £2 per ride with no option of wrist band etc. I took kids into the "fun house" and found 2 trampolines (with enclosures), a bouncy castle and couple of slides. They couldn’t even be bothered to throw away the boxes for them away and were just dumped at the side. I understand that the old Pleasureland was ripped out but surely they could have a bit more pride about the place while they are rebuilding. I wont be taking the family back there again!

  36. I must say I’m very impressed with New Pleasureland!! The layout is really good and the prices are pretty reasonable. It’s still nice to see some of the old site’s fixtures around and Casa’s!!! Bring Casa’s back!!! I’m glad to see it open for it’s second season and may it have many more! Also the vast improvements made on site, such as cafes, restaurants and excellent children’s facilities. I think Dreamstorm and all the workers and maintenance crew are doing an excellent job and should be proud of what they are achieving and putting Southport back on the leisure map again!

  37. I have got to say to people travelling fun fairs are far from unsafe due to having to go through strict safety tests by the HSE. Travelling fun fairs are not run by gypsies. I know a lot of travellers who have houses to go back to in places some people wish they could afford to live. So support and respect. If it wasn’t for them Southport would be totally dead!

  38. At New Pleasureland they have the rollercoaster ‘Storm’ made by Pinfari which is usually quite bumpy. I’ve heard though, that it has been all done up (not meant to be as bumpy as it was at Camelot) so it will be quite good to ride. I’ve got to say I do prefer Vekoma for manufacturing.

  39. Yes you’re right matty but I’ve heard that when it closes for the Easter and reopens for summer they will have an extra wooden coaster and maybe a better log flume. Also people say that some of the rides might be built in so it might not be a travelling fair. The only ride that is there now that is probably in the ground is the Chairoplane but I’m sure that was there from normal Pleasureland.

  40. New Pleasureland is actually looking very good. They have a lot of rides to go on like Storm previously at Camelot as Gauntlet, M&Ds Mad Mouse and junior coaster Wacky Worm. Then there’s Stargate which goes upside down(it’s good), Matterhorn, Big Wheel, Remix, Frisbee and many more. I’m sure there still adding coasters.

  41. Pleasureland used to be better it had much rollercoasters like, traumatizer which was great, cyclone, king solmons mine and a few more. New pleasureland are probably spending double what old Pleasureland spent and is is half as good. They reckon their new rollercoaster "storm" is amazing when it is very small and painful. If they got a few big rides is would liven then place up.

  42. Southport Pleasure Beach was great. I can’t wait to see the new one and I am going soon.

  43. Was just checking on opening times and found out it was closed. We always call here on our way back from Blackpool so disappointed it has closed. Not the biggest of fairs but ok for the kids and reasonable price too!

  44. New Pleasureland will open on 15th March 2008 for the season. Rollercoasters, log flumes, adult thrill rides, ghost trains, kids’ rides, bouncy castle and loads more. All rides from £1. Free entry to park. There is also a 3d cinema, restaurants, indoor fun house, children’s circus show. Park open everyday during Easter Holidays!

  45. I am still getting over the shock of the fair closing. I still remember my first time. It was a really great place and will stay forever in my heart .I miss you Pleasureland. RIP.

  46. Pleasureland was really good and the rollercoster was really fast. I am really sad it has closed. I used to go their with my parents and friends of the family and my grandad came with us. I hope it opens again in the summer. Gracie 🙂

  47. Pleasureland was rubbish, just go to Blackpool or Alton towers!

  48. Get over it. Just go to Blackpool!

  49. It’s always about money never about what people want. A little bit of effort to do the place up would have made all the difference. My kids loved it at Southport and we were heart broken to see what they had done to the place. How can they sleep at night when loads of little kids (and big ones) are gutted.

  50. I’ve heard the place is going be done up over the winter months to make it a lot tidier and safer and less like a travelling fairground.

  51. The closure is all to do with wanting to make huge amounts of money in Blackpool. We consistantly took our children to Southport but will not go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach which is a rip-off. Come on there must be companies out there – build a big theme park back in Morecambe – far enough away from Blackpool and close to the Lake District! It would attract huge amounts of people.

  52. I was one of the last people who worked at pleasureland. Some of the rides that are there now are better but you get ripped off on the games

  53. Gutted !!!!

  54. Hopefully New Pleasureland isn

  55. give norman a chance the parks only been open for 2 months after being totally trashed by bpb,imagine cutting electrical cables trashing arcades, rides etc at least someone wants southport to have a fair. if it hadn’t been for sefton councils lack of interest in the site all the great rides there would still be intact although if norman gets support this park can rise once again.

  56. The original pleasureland started as a tacky fun fair, before being turned into the park you all remember, history repeats. This is but a beginning, cut Dreamstorm a little slack, and be patient. Instead of moaning about it, support it. Or this too will be gone.

  57. Pleasureland was trashed by it’s previous owners, and only 2 months ago, it was a demolition site. I think the new owners have done an excellent job in a short time, so let’s not condemn them with negativity. They are also now building a coaster.

  58. The the new pleasureland isn’t very much to rave about. All the rides were either 2 or 3 pounds. You got tokens at at the value of 50p.

  59. Hi people I’ve just rang them up and there’s a new theme park there now. Free entry and then £2.00 for the big rides and £1.00 to £1.50 for the smaller ones. They have ice-skating and a circus there as well. The new number is 01704 532717.

  60. I went to the ‘new’ Pleasureland on Sunday and it was heaving with people. How much money would the real Pleasureland have made today? It’s now nothing more than a dump full of travellers and unsafe rides!

  61. i used to have great fun on the cyclone, it was boss, if the weather was good there was no place like it, in the sand dunes was so much fun.

  62. great days out for a little amount of money!

  63. the gypsies are back in town what a ripoff ,the so called owners family are pikies who will steal your money ,the only good thing about them is they hate scousers….brian

  64. No. Pleasureland hasn’t reopened. It has been demolised. It’s just a travelling fairground they are referring to.

  65. I heard just the other day on a manchester radio station, that that pleasureland has reopened is this correct?

  66. I brought my Boys Brigade company down from Livingston regularly to Southport Pleasureland.The boys ages from 8-16 loved coming down.It was cheaper than most other theme parks yet had all the attractions the boys wanted. My daughters also loved visiting it when we came down to the Pontins Holiday Village.The people responsible should be ashamed of themselves as this could seriously hit Southports holiday viability.

  67. The King Solomons ride was saved. It’s ok and on its way to Margate! Well in storage anyway.

  68. As Morecambe has become a ghost town, Southport will head the same way. Instead of paying silly amounts of money on refurbishment that wasn’t really needed, why didn’t they put it towards new rides or upgrading the older ones. This place used to attract young and old, that is until they slapped the entrance fee on us – Only to recover the pointless "refurbishment" fees. I spent many a weekend on Southport Pleasureland and the only time things started to go wrong for them was when they started to charge entrance fees. People such as my parents would often wander on to use the loo and have a burger whilst reminiscing about "the old days" sometimes even trying to win something on the stalls. But it wasn’t "raking it in" like Blackpool was it, I wouldn’t care, at least one of the rides has been moved to the Pleasure Beach (under a new name of course)
    A fantastic, value for money place, never to be the same again.
    I hope someone (privately owned) does re-open the place and it make an absolute fortune!!!!

  69. Sefton Council are putting many of the dismantled rides into storage. It is hoped that they can be installed at a heritage amusement park in Margate, Kent.

  70. Shame this place closed. They said it closed because it made no money! How can this be when the paid peppercorn rent on the site they had in southport. The site in Morecambe closed because it made no money after the closure of Blobby Land (mr bloody, noels house party, bbc tv). The knock on effect. Pleasureland closed 1day after the expiry date set in the former pleasurebeach managing director’s last will and testament. In this he stated that pleasureland southport was his idea, and taking control of it was his plan when he knew it was up for sale. He hoped to add new rides to the site and make it as good as the Blackpool site. He added new ride (king solomon’s mine and traumatizer, but then he died! His will said this site must remain open for 2 years after his death. Well it did. In fact it was open 2 years 1 day!! His daughter should hang her head in shame!

  71. So sad. This is becoming a serious problem for British Tourism. The people to blame are the owners of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. They have now closed both this park and the historic Frontier Land in Morecambe. Both parks contained historic rides that should have been preserved. King Solomon’s Mine was one of very few roller coasters of this type. It was a national treasure and should have been saved.

  72. I always loved Southport Pleasureland. I remember the first time I went on the Traumatizer and Space Shot. I had some of the best times there and will never forget it!

  73. I’m really sad to hear the fair has shut down. It might not have been the best day out, but it was always really fun and you never wanted to leave.

  74. I used to go to Southport Pleasure Beach about four times every year and I’m sad to see it has closed down. I now have to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach which has good rides. However I find that it is too expensive and it’s far too busy, so you hardly get to go on any rides.

  75. It was the owner of Blackpool Pleasure Beach that closed the park, so more people would go there and pay the extortionate prices! Hopefully we will have our fair back soon! I believe it’s possible the site will be opened sometime soon to a travelling fair of some kind. Lets hope it’s not used for anything other than a fair!

  76. Can`t believe Pleasureland closed! We were planning a short break down to Southport soon from Fife but looks like we will be going elsewhere. Used to come as a child and have been holidaying there for last few years with my own family who love it. Don`t really want to go to Blackpool but it does have the Pleasure beach.

  77. Have come to Southport from Scotland every summer for last 7 years for a weeks stay with young family. Closure of Pleasureland will make us go elsewhere. Shops, accommodation, etc. will lose out on tourists trade. Although Southport does have other attractions, Pleasureland was the main reason we came year after year.

  78. WHY? It was a fantastic place where we have enjoyed many family days out, the kids loved it & were very upset when we told them it had closed. It’s such a shame we can’t believe it.

  79. Why shut it down? It was a good park for the price of wristbands now we have to travel to blackpool and thats well expensive. Who ever thought of shutting down southport fair are ******** . I’d love to see who it was and kick him in the head, but oh well blackpool got what it wanted.

  80. Visited website to plan a day out here and found it has closed down. How sad! We have come here 5 times in the last 2 years and had great days out. Wristbands were real good value for money. Blackpool too expensive so Pleasureland will be missed.

  81. It’s a shame it closed because it was great fun.

  82. well!!! I`m gutted, really enjoyed days out at pleasureland with my parent when i was a child and i loved taking my children there too. Hope it does get developed in to an even better theme park soon. So many memories.

  83. Sefton Council have just bought back the remainder of the lease and now control the site. They claim they are looking for a partner to develop the land.

  84. i went there last year and really enjoyed it… i will miss it

  85. oh my god i just found out that it has closed down today very very sad some really good memorys of that place how sad will miss that place

  86. Mark, I think somebody has been telling you lies. No American is building a theme park here.

  87. I only found out today that pleasureland has closed. Very sad. I have happy memories of going there as a child and teenager.

  88. Apparently from what I’ve heard, an American has bought the land from Pleasureland and around it and is building a whole new theme park, still keeping the Pleasureland name.

  89. Well James, the Traumatizer has made its way to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I’m not sure where the others have gone. If anybody has any idea please let us know.

  90. Southport pleasure land was the best theme park around and was great value for money all year round and it’s a real same it’s closed and my self i think it should open again!!!! what going to happen to the rides?

  91. I’m so sad to hear that Pleasureland has closed. Used to come here with my parents when I was little. So many memories.

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