Vue Cinema Lancaster

The Vue Cinema in Lancaster is a city centre multiplex with 6 screens. The biggest theatre can seat 297 cinemagoers while the smallest can hold 169. All theatres are equipped with Dolby Digital Surround Sound and boast full disabled access. Screen 1 is a digital 3D theatre.

To view film listings and times at the cinema, book tickets, and find out about discounts and cheap prices, including the kids club, visit the official website.

The Vue Cinema is situated on Church Street in the heart of Lancaster city centre. There are plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

Like most city centre cinemas the Vue does not have its own car park. The closest car park is on Damside Street. The cinema is just a short walk from the bus station.



Vue Cinema Lancaster

Address and postcode
Church Street
United Kingdom

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  1. It’s a good cinema but we need more competition in Lancaster. I wish Odeon or Cineworld would open a cinema here.

  2. I love the VUE! It’s the best cinema in the world!

  3. I am Steph and I have not had a good day at VUE as I was waiting in a queue for half an hour just to get my ticket and then another half hour to get some popcorn. There was popcorn all over the floor and sweets stuck to the carpet and chairs.

  4. Saw Avatar in 3D at Lancaster Vue. The cinema was clean and staff were great. Food was expensive but nice. This film experience is a good reason not to download. Well worth it.

  5. The tickets are very expensive at 4.50 for a child. The popcorn is delicious yet expensive. It’s nice for a one off but having to pay nearly 10 pounds just to get a small popcorn is outrageous. You’re not allowed to take your own food in. However on the other side, the sheer thrill of it, the noise, the pictures, the staff quality and the cleanliness is great. This is coming from a teenager. The Lancaster Vue is good but the Apollo is cheaper.

  6. Vue is amazing! I have never been to a cleaner cinema! The service is amazing!

  7. The last time I went to the Vue cinema in Lancaster I was very disappointed. There was popcorn all over the floor, between the seats and on the seats; and someone spoilt the whole film because they shone a laser pen on the screen throughout.

  8. The Vue is amazing- if you ever have the chance, go!

  9. Amazing experience at Vue cinema in Lancaster. Medical colleagues visiting from London say its clean and larger than expected!

  10. The Vue is ok, it’s big and clean. Tickets are quite cheap but the food is a bit expensive.

  11. I think the Vue is awesome, there are so many screens its impossible to not get a ticket! If ever you’re in Lancaster and you get a chance to go, go! You could also go to the Apollo in Morecambe which is not quite as good as the Vue, but is still good!

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