Wigan Pier

Made famous by its reference in George Orwell’s book, Wigan Pier is a wharf on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. The area was redeveloped in the 1980s and one of the warehouses transformed to house the Way We Were, a museum about Victorian life in Wigan. It closed in 2007 due to low visitor numbers.

The Trencherfield Mill is a cotton mill built in 1907. It has recently been converted into apartments but its ground floor still houses the world’s largest working steam engine. The Trencherfield Mill Engine is currently open to the public on Sundays.

The Orwell is a popular pub that hosts live music events and comedy nights and also shows live Premiership football. The Wigan Pier nightclub, one of the premier venues in the UK for bouncy house music, closed at the end of 2011.

Wigan Pier is located at the southern end of Wigan town centre, between the train stations and Robin Park.

Visitors can walk or cycle along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal towpath to Pennington Flash (7 miles).



Wigan Pier

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  1. Editor says

    Demolition of the Wigan Pier nightclub started this week. Wigan Council has announced a 10-year programme to redevelop the area as the Wigan Pier Quarter. The scheme will include a new performance venue, new canal-side housing and leisure development, improvements to the canal towpath and new moorings, a community garden, and redevelopment of the building that housed the Way We Were Museum.

  2. Lin says

    Why were they allowed to close down the best museum I have ever visited?

  3. ADM says

    Its closed down.. But still signposted!

    • Linda says

      I agree it’s still advertised on the museum website as well. We travelled there as my older granddaughter wanted to show it to her younger cousins as she had enjoyed it so much. They were all very disappointed and we had a wasted journey.

  4. Jean says

    What a shame The Way We Were had to close; it was one of the best museums I ever visited.

  5. Scott D says

    Despite being signposted from the M6 there is nothing open or of interest at Wigan Pier

  6. PJN says

    Despite the museums, etc. being closed, the attraction is still signposted from around Wigan!

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