Burnley Address and Postcode Guide


Postcodes for all addresses in the Burnley area start with BB. Those in the town centre and the surrounding areas usually begin with BB10 or BB11. Others include BB8 (Colne, Wycoller), BB9 (Nelson, Barrowford), and BB12 (Padiham, Fence, Simonstone).

The BB prefix is also used for addresses in Blackburn and Rossendale.

Postcodes, Maps, and Addresses for Popular Destinations

Use of satellite navigation systems to navigate and plan journeys is now commonplace. The easiest way to use them is to input the postcode of the desired location and let the system calculate the route.

Listed below are the postcodes and addresses for some of the most popular destinations in Burnley.

Name (Click for map and further details)



Finsley Gate, Burnley

BB11 2HE

Active Way, Burnley

BB11 1BS

Croft Street, Burnley

BB11 2EF

Railway Street, Burnley

BB11 1DA

Manchester Road, Burnley

BB11 1BH

Church Street, Burnley

BB11 2DW

Market Promenade, Burnley

BB11 1AE

Habergham Drive, Burnley

BB12 8UA

Manchester Road, Burnley

BB11 2EG

Colne Road, Barrowford


Active Way, Burnley

BB11 1BS

Princess Way, Burnley

BB12 0EQ

Queen Street, Burnley

BB10 2HX

Hollywood Park, Manchester Road, Burnley

BB11 2EG

Towneley Park, Burnley

BB11 3RQ