93 Country Code – Afghanistan Phone Code

93 is the country calling code for Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a country on the continent of Asia. The capital city of Afghanistan is Kabul.

How to Call Afghanistan from the UK

To call a telephone number in Afghanistan from the UK:

  • Dial the international call prefix. For calls from the UK, this is 00 (or '+' from mobile phones).
  • Dial the country code for Afghanistan - 93.
  • Dial the number of the person/business, omitting the first zero if there is one.

Area Codes and Landlines

The following are the area telephone codes for some of Afghanistan’s main cities and provinces:

  • Kabul (Kabul province) – 020
  • Kandahar (Kandahar province) – 030
  • Herat (Herat province) – 040
  • Mazar-i-Sharif (Balkh province) – 050
  • Kunduz (Kunduz province) – 051
  • Jalalabad (Nangarhar province) – 060
  • Puli Khumri (Baghlan province) – 058
  • Taloqan (Takhar province) – 053

When dialling a landline number from another part of Afghanistan or from an Afghan mobile, the area code is preceded by a 0 prefix.

When calling from a landline in the same area of Afghanistan, do not use the 0 prefix or area code.

When phoning from abroad, do not use the 0 prefix with the area code. For example, to call a number in Kabul XXXXXXX from overseas:

  • Dial the international call prefix (00/+), the Afghanistan country code (93), the area code without the 0, and the customer number, for example, 00-93-20–XXXXXXX.
Afghanistan Country Code +93 0093
Afghanistan Country Code +93 0093

Time Difference

When making a telephone call to Afghanistan from the UK, please note there is a time difference between Afghanistan and the UK.

The time now in Afghanistan is . The date is .

The time now in the UK is . The date is .

The time difference between Afghanistan and UK (United Kingdom) is 3.5 hours.

Exchange Rate

The afghani (AFN) is the currency used in Afghanistan.

The current exchange rates between the afghani and the British pound (AFN to GBP, GBP to AFN) are:

  • 1 Afghan afghani (AFN) = 0.011 GBP
  • 1 British pound (GBP) = 89.397 AFN

Exchange rates on this page were last updated on .

Afghanistan – Facts and Figures

According to data from the World Bank, the population of Afghanistan in recent years is:

  • 2018 - 37,172,386
  • 2017 - 36,296,400
  • 2016 - 35,383,128
  • 2015 - 34,413,603
  • 2014 - 33,370,794
  • 2013 - 32,269,589

Map of Afghanistan

The map below shows the location of Afghanistan.

Map showing location of Afghanistan