Bolton Shopping Park

Bolton Shopping Park is a retail park located on the edge of Bolton town centre, opposite Bolton Train Station.

Video tour of Bolton Shopping Park

Shops here at the time of writing (June 2020) include a large Sainsbury’s supermarket and petrol station, Next, Aldi, Boots, TK Maxx, Peacocks, Argos, and Home Bargains.  There’s also a Costa coffeehouse here.

Decathlon sports store at the Bolton Shopping Park

Decathlon is a large sports superstore. It opened in 2011 in the unit formerly occupied by Wickes. It offers a wide range of equipment for over 70 sports. Products stocked include a great selection of bikes and accessories, table tennis tables, tennis and badminton rackets, canoes and kayaks, camping equipment and tents, ski and snowboarding equipment, fitness equipment (treadmills, exercise bikes, weights benches etc.), football and cricket gear, and horse riding equipment.

Next, Boots, and Argos at Bolton Shopping Park.
Next, Boots, and Argos
Sainsbury's supermarket, Bolton Shopping Park, Trinity Street
Costa coffeehouse at Bolton Shopping Park

Bolton Shopping Park is situated on Trinity Street. Parking is free but monitored. Visitors should note that Aldi has its own entrance and car park, just east of the main entrance. Satellite navigation users can use the postcode BL3 6DH.


Map showing location of Bolton Shopping Park.

Map showing location of Bolton Shopping Park


Bolton Shopping Park

Address and postcode
Trinity Street
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. Exactly the same issue as others on here. I spent longer than 3 hrs xmas shopping unaware of the time limit and received a euro parking notice to keeper for £40 if paid within 14 days.

    If I had been shopping elsewhere and was aware of the time limit I wouldn’t have minded, but I spent in excess of £400 across Boots, Argos, TK MAXX and the home bargains as well as getting a coffee in costa!!

    I could also have quite easily parked in the Octogan where it is free all day on the weekends if I intended to shop in town which I didn’t.

    Can someone please contact me in regards to this, as you have no email address available and I can obviously evidence my purchases with receipts.

  2. Parked in Bolton shopping park no way was the sign saying three hours parking was clearly visible .now i have received a :£70 parking fine for being twenty minutes over .spent £250 at the shops.i will never park in Bolton or shop there again.

  3. I am a disabled person and can only get out once a week with my carer who kindley took me to do my christmas shopping at trinity shopping centre we parked in disabled area near boot for the three hour time limit unaware about the overall limit on the car park we left the disabled bay and parked in a normal bay as i needed the toilet in sainsburys were i realised i had not eaten so i had a lovley christmas lunch returned to the car and left having had a lovley time unaware we had over stayed the time limit now my caret has recived a 70 pound parking fine which i am terribly upset about i spent alot of money in those shops and now i am reluctant to go out again i think its just a money making sceam by greedy people

  4. Just received a parking fine for a 3 hour and 20 minute visit to this retail park. Furious as my husband and I spent hundreds of pounds on Christmas shopping, lunch and weekly shop at Sainsbury’s. Having visited this park many times we will now be severely restricting our usage. The shops will sadly lose out !!!

  5. Don’t shop in Bolton you are at a very high risk of getting a parking fine.
    I rarely go to Bolton town centre now due to the overpriced parking, but a week ago I went to Bolton Shopping Park as I wanted to do my holiday shopping. i went into Sainsburys, Next, Boots, and TK Max. I now have a parking fine for £70 for exceeding the parking time limit.
    My reasons for complaining about getting a parking fine are:
    1. It was not clearly stated as I drove into the car parks that there was a 3 hour parking limit
    2. That parking times were being inforced
    3. That photographs are taken of cars entering and leaving the car parks
    4. That fines are being issued.
    I think this is a disgrace and just a way for Euro car parks to make money.
    I will not be for parking at Bolton Shopping Park again, and the Sainsburys, Next, Boots, TK Max and all of the other stores on this retail park have no lost my custom.

    • I agree, nothing clearly signed. I went to meet a friend at Costa and have just received a parking fine for the privilege☹

    • Yes it is clearly marked that FREE parking is offered in this carpark for up to two hours and that a penalty charge for that is enforced. There are also signs all over the car park inc. the info that there is cctv in operation. One often finds folk blame everyone else bar their own failure to pay due care and attention to those signs….

  6. Parked at Bolton Retail Park to meet friends for some lunch at Costa, then did my weekly shopping at Sainsbury’s, then went to Boots, TK Maxx and Next. Spent a fortune and got a parking ticket fine for £70. Will shop somewhere else from now on!

  7. Similar to other users, I also received a fine after spending a rather large combined amount in three of these stores! Ridiculous. I’ll be complaining to each of them.

  8. Parking is free but only for 3 hours, after that it’s a £70 fine as I discovered recently to my cost

  9. I’ve just received a £70 parking penalty for overstaying the max 180 minutes. I shopped at Sainsburys and then drove across to TkMax, Next and Boots. This is so wrong, I spent well over £200 that day in several shops and boom….parking fine. Crazy!!!

  10. The Boots store here is good. It’s huge and never that busy. Parking can be a problem though. It can take ages to find a space. Don’t know where everybody is, but they aren’t in Boots. Perhaps they’ve just parked here and walked into town!


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