Central 12 Shopping Park

The Central 12 Shopping Park is a popular retail park in Southport. The biggest stores here are The Range and Asda.

The Range at Central 12 Shopping Park, Southport
The Range
Stores at Central 12 Shopping Park - Boots, Poundland
Stores at Central 12 Shopping Park

Stores at Central 12 Shopping ParkOpening times vary by store but all are open 7 days a week. Asda is open 24 hours from 8 am on Monday to 10 pm on Saturday. On Sunday, opening hours are 11 am to 5 pm.

The shopping centre is located on Derby Road in Southport town centre, just 200 yards from Southport Train Station.

Visitors travelling by car and using satellite navigation systems can use the postcode PR9 0TQ. There are over 600 car parking spaces here.


Map showing location of Central 12 Shopping Park.

Map showing location of Central 12 Shopping Park


Central 12 Shopping Park

Address and postcode
Derby Road
United Kingdom

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Reviews and Additional Information

  1. Just parked up on Central 12. Went to get my parking ticket and before I got back to my car, which was only on the next line, the parking attendant was already writing a ticket out!!! Beware. ??

  2. I have been travelling to Central Park Retail weekly since it first opened.
    I used to visit with my disabled parents; my father is 83 and my mother 77.
    The over zealous actions of the Civil Enforcement Parking officers have put and end to this.
    My father forgot to bring his blue badge for disabled parking on one occasion. We walked into The Range to get change for parking and when I came out and purchased a ticket, there was a parking fine on my windscreen.
    I appealed but my appeal was rejected.
    Apparently the parking attendant waited 6 minutes before issuing a fine.
    I can only assume he must be blind as he didn’t notice the obvious mobility issues facing my parents and the difficulty I experienced helping them out of my car.
    We have not returned to Central Park since.


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