Robin Park

Robin Park is a sports, leisure and retail complex on the outskirts of Wigan. It is home to a variety of businesses and organisations including Wigan Athletic FC, the Empire Cinemas, and the Robin Park Leisure Centre and Arena.

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Robin Retail Park is situated at the centre of the complex. Shops here at the time of writing (September 2020) include Asda, Next, Smyths (toys), Argos, Pets at Home, Sports Direct, Bensons for Beds, JD, Matalan, Boots, Wickes, Card Factory, Carphone Warehouse, M&S Food, TK Maxx, TUI, Currys PC World, Bargain Buys, and Superdrug.

Sports Direct and Smyths at Robin Park in Wigan
Sports Direct and Smyths

Place to eat and drink include Costa, Subway, KFC, and Burger King.

Argos and M&S Food, Robin Retail Park, Wigan
Argos and M&S Food

Opening hours vary by store but all are open seven days a week

Burger King at Robin Retail Park
Burger King
TUI, Superdrug, Bensons for Beds, and Currys PC World, Robin Park, Wigan
TUI, Superdrug, Bensons for Beds, and Currys PC World

ASDA has a large store at the southern end of the park. It is open 24 hours from 7 am on Monday until 10 pm on Saturday. On Sundays the store opens at 10.30 am and closes at 4.30 pm.

Bargain Buys and JD, Robin Park, Wigan
Bargain Buys and JD
Boots at Robin Retail Park
Wickes, Wigan
KFC at Robin Retail Park in Wigan
Carphone Warehouse and Subway at Robin Retail Park in Wigan
Carphone Warehouse and Subway

The western side of Robin Park houses a variety of leisure and sports facilities. The 25,000 capacity DW Stadium (formerly the JJB Stadium) is the home ground of both Wigan Athletic FC and Wigan Warriors rugby league club.

DW Stadium, Wigan
DW Stadium

The Robin Park Leisure Centre and Arena is a large community sports centre. It is operated by Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust, a charitable trust set up by Wigan Council to manage leisure facilities in the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan. It boasts extensive facilities including an athletics arena with 10-lane running track, multi-purpose sports halls, tennis centre with four indoor and four outdoor tennis courts, a full-size synthetic sports pitch, an indoor gymnastics centre, and a café.

Entertainment options can be found at the northern end of Robin Park. Empire Cinemas Wigan is an 11-screen multiplex theatre showing all the latest movies.

Nearby there are several places to eat and drink; Frankie & Benny’s, Pizza Hut, and the Red Robin pub.

Red Robin pub, Wigan
Red Robin pub
Pizza Hut, Wigan
Pizza Hut

JD Gyms is a fitness centre near the stadium. There’s also a DW Sports Fitness club on Stadium Way.

The Powerleague 5-a-side football centre (formerly the JJB Soccer Dome) closed in 2019.

Buzz Bingo (formerly Gala Bingo) closed in 2020.

Robin Park is west of Wigan town centre. Drivers with satellite navigation systems can use the following postcodes to find it: Robin Retail Park WN5 0UH, DW Stadium (car parks) WN5 0UN, DW Stadium (reception, directors car park) WN5 0UZ, Empire Cinemas WN5 0UJ, and Asda WN5 0XA.

JD Gyms Wigan
JD Gyms

Robin Park is around one mile from Wigan town centre and the main train stations (Wigan Wallgate/Wigan North Western). Walking is possible.

Buses to Robin Park include the 641 service. It departs from Wigan Bus Station.


Map showing location of Robin Park.

Map showing location of Robin Park


Robin Park

Address and postcode
Loire Drive
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. Car parking fine for having lunch, shopping and having a coffee. Not even on a match day. Hadn’t seen any parking signs. My advice is to shop somewhere else that values your business.

  2. There seems to be a lot of bad publicity for Robin Retail, but myself and my partner are going to add to these statistics. We shopped here way back in November 2018, staying for just over 3 hours. We had no idea it was a matchday and there was not a single sign that said limited stay, or matchday today etc.. Several days later, the PCN letter came. We tried to appeal, it was rejected, we appealed through POPLA, again, rejected, no surprise there. We wrote to our MP who contacted the company, but they simply shrugged this off as lawful and we would have to pay (now in the region of £140). We found, who for £18, would fight your ticket and get it cancelled. However, it is now April 2020 and the bailiff letters have started to arrive. Robin Park seriously need to take a look at this as they are not only recieving bad publicity, but losing a lot of customers that in the end, will have a financial impact. Its disgusting how people who shop here regularly are being treated. We haven’t shopped there since November 2018 and we don’t plan on returning anytime soon until they sort this mess out!

  3. £100 Parking fine to shop. It’s like they don’t want you there. Yet, have coffee shops for when you need to take a break. Not going back, would rather pay for parking and know where I stand than a surprise 2 weeks later.

  4. Spent over £ 200 pounds in shops and had a meal. Two weeks later got a parking ticket for £100 pounds. Why do you have restaurants and coffee shops there when you don’t want people to use them ?

  5. I live local to Robin Retail Park and often go in the car for a coffee and a wander round the shops. I spend a lot of money here. You really need to sort out the parking system. People are getting fines for being too long. There are always spaces so not causing any harm. There is nowhere to walk to so it isn’t like people are leaving cars here. Sort it out before you manage to get it as a ghost town like the Galleries in centre.

  6. My wife and daughter spent 2.5 hours shopping for holiday clothes and saw no sign saying it was a match day but still left 2 hours before the match started. Got £60 fine. As we weekly shop for food, clothes and pet supplies average £130+ per week (£7000pa) we have decided never to shop here again and now will shop in St.Helens as we live midway between both. So over next 5 years at least £35000 will now not be spent here. Brilliant way to get back for this sly way of obtaining fines.

  7. Parking fine. For parking 2 hrs 34 minutes during the sales on a Friday morning!

  8. Complete agreement that the parking is just a money making racket. Any excuse to overcharge or fine you, “Blue badge not properly displayed” etc.

  9. I agree with everything that has been said about the parking company. When the retail park first started using parking monitors my husband who is disabled parked in a designated area. He forgot to put his parking permit in the window of his car and got a ticket. However as the ticket stated that there was signage reminding people to display blue badges this was not the case as the signs had yet to be put up. My husband argued this and was simply threatened with court proceedings. Surprise , surprise the signs appears the day after his ticket was issued. There is no getting around this type of mentality. It is purely for financial gain and nothing to do with the customer experience. They are now creating more eating places. Will we be given time to shop and eat or are we being led into a trap.

    • Visited here end of January, received parking fine £60 or £100 if I don’t pay within 14 days. Travelled from Widnes spent near £200 in Asda and my wife walked around retail park spending more money. We did know it was 4 hours limit so suppose appealing is a waste of time. We just got a bit carried away.

      The thing that took us over time was we decided to go to Costa coffee for our tea. So in effect by spending more money round there cost us sixty pound. Best of luck Robin Park. My first and final visit.

  10. Absolutely distusted with this place . I stay there for two hours with my children i spend over 250 pounds in the stores . (I spend here regularly anyway) i then two months later recieve a parking fine for 150 Pounds absolutely furious and i WILL NOT shop here again just lost my money and alot of my family have said they wont shop there now . Also i was well under the stated stay time . Absolutely distusted . Scam !!

  11. Park there fine for shopping all the time . The parking limit is probably there to stop people parking there to go to rugby matches and blocking the car park .At the moment there is some disruption with building on the car park , still manged ok although it is more of a pain at the moment .

  12. Thanks for the above info, Family were going on a big shopping spend this weekend and also have a meal after.
    Looks like you have to rush everything, will now shop in another shopping centre.

  13. Shocking! went shopping here apparently free parking ! stayed too long and was sent a £100 parking fine! So you can come and shop but don’t shop and go for a meal with your disabled mother who because she has a disability she can move very quickly and needs to stop for a rest often therefore shopping becomes a full day event as you get fined will NEVER COME BACK TO SHOP HERE EVER AGAIN!!

  14. You also get fined for parking there whilst shopping. Do not go to this retail park.

  15. Ridiculous. Parking is limited to 3 hours. Just received a fine for parking 3hrs 17 mins. We even had a meal during this time.
    This retail park needs to get its parking company sorted out. I won’t be coming here again!


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