Map of Manchester

Our interactive street map of Manchester in England shows hotels, tourist attractions, shopping centres, and transport links in the city centre and surrounding areas.

Popular destinations on the map include the Manchester United (Old Trafford), Manchester Airport, Manchester Arena, Palace Theatre, the Midland Hotel, Apollo, Piccadilly Train Station, Manchester Arndale, Lowry Hotel, Manchester City (Etihad Stadium), the Trafford Centre, Printworks (Odeon IMAX), and Chill Factore.

The map offers two unique views – ‘Map’ shows a street map of Manchester while ‘Satellite’ shows an aerial view. To see where the city is in relation the rest of Greater Manchester and the UK, use the control to the left of the map to zoom out.

Manchester Metrolink stations are also mapped. An interactive map showing all stations and lines can be found here.

To locate any point of interest, use the index beneath the map. Click the name and your chosen point will be highlighted.

This map of Manchester incorporates Google Street View technology. To activate it, drag the Google Pegman onto the map. Streets that have been photographed will be highlighted in blue.