Muslim Prayer Times Blackburn

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Prayer Times Blackburn - Today

Muslim prayer times (salah/namaz times) in Blackburn for today, Wednesday 22 May 2024, are:

  • Fajr - 03:02
  • Sunrise - 04:57
  • Dhuhr - 13:07
  • Asr - 18:38
  • Maghrib - 21:17
  • Isha - 23:12

Prayer times were last updated on .

There are many methods used to calculate prayer times. For prayer times calculations in Blackburn we use:

  • Fajr: 15 degrees, Isha: 15 degrees
  • Asr: Hanafi
  • High Latitude: Angle-based rule
  • Latitude: 53.7473, Longitude: -2.4814
Prayer times Blackburn - namaz, salah, maghrib, fajr times

The Five Pillars of Islam and Muslim Prayers

The Five Pillars of Islam are the foundation of the Muslim faith. They are the basic principles that guide every Muslim’s life.

The pillars are faith, prayer, charity, fasting, and pilgrimage.

Each pillar is important in its own way, and they all work together to create a strong religious foundation for Muslims. By understanding these pillars and what they represent, Muslims can better understand their faith and live according to Islamic teachings.

Muslims pray five times a day. Each prayer is an opportunity to connect with Allah and ask for guidance. The prayers are said at specific times of the day.

The 5 daily prayers are:

  • Fajr – dawn
  • Dhuhr – midday
  • Asr – afternoon
  • Maghrib – sunset
  • Isha – night

Prayer Times Blackburn - May 2024

Muslim prayer times (salah/namaz times) in Blackburn for May 2024 are listed in the table below.

1 May 202403:2505:3313:0718:1720:4122:51
2 May 202403:2105:3113:0718:1820:4322:54
3 May 202403:1805:2913:0718:1920:4522:56
4 May 202403:1705:2713:0718:2020:4722:57
5 May 202403:1605:2513:0718:2120:4922:58
6 May 202403:1505:2413:0718:2220:5022:59
7 May 202403:1405:2213:0618:2320:5223:00
8 May 202403:1305:2013:0618:2420:5423:00
9 May 202403:1205:1813:0618:2520:5623:01
10 May 202403:1105:1613:0618:2620:5723:02
11 May 202403:1105:1413:0618:2720:5923:03
12 May 202403:1005:1313:0618:2821:0123:04
13 May 202403:0905:1113:0618:2921:0323:05
14 May 202403:0805:0913:0618:3021:0423:05
15 May 202403:0705:0813:0618:3121:0623:06
16 May 202403:0605:0613:0618:3221:0823:07
17 May 202403:0605:0413:0618:3321:0923:08
18 May 202403:0505:0313:0618:3421:1123:09
19 May 202403:0405:0113:0618:3521:1223:10
20 May 202403:0305:0013:0718:3621:1423:10
21 May 202403:0304:5813:0718:3721:1523:11
22 May 202403:0204:5713:0718:3821:1723:12
23 May 202403:0104:5613:0718:3921:1823:13
24 May 202403:0104:5413:0718:4021:2023:14
25 May 202403:0004:5313:0718:4021:2123:14
26 May 202403:0004:5213:0718:4121:2323:15
27 May 202402:5904:5113:0718:4221:2423:16
28 May 202402:5904:5013:0718:4321:2523:17
29 May 202402:5804:4913:0718:4321:2723:17
30 May 202402:5804:4813:0818:4421:2823:18
31 May 202402:5704:4713:0818:4521:2923:19

About Blackburn

Blackburn is a large town in Lancashire, North West England. It lies to the north of the West Pennine Moors, east of Preston, and north of Bolton.

Blackburn together with Darwen and other smaller settlements form the borough of Blackburn with Darwen.

The town grew considerably in the 19th century as a result of an expanding textile sector.

The population of Blackburn is incredibly varied. The proportion of ethnic minorities in this region is considerably higher than the national average.

From the 1950s, Blackburn attracted a large number of Muslim migrants, particularly from India and Pakistan.

According to the last published census, 27.00% of the borough’s population identified as Muslim.

Blackburn Map

Prayer times in Blackburn are calculated at the position shown on the map below. Times in other areas of the town may differ very slightly.

Map showing location of where Blackburn prayer times calculated