Muslim Prayer Times Crawley

As a Muslim, it is important to be aware of the prayer times to fulfil your daily obligations. If you are living in or visiting Crawley in West Sussex, use this guide to find out when the prayers should be performed.

Prayer Times Crawley - Today

Muslim prayer times (salah/namaz times) in Crawley for today, Wednesday 22 May 2024, are:

  • Fajr - 02:59
  • Sunrise - 05:01
  • Dhuhr - 12:57
  • Asr - 18:23
  • Maghrib - 20:55
  • Isha - 22:56

Prayer times were last updated on .

There are many methods used to calculate prayer times. For prayer times calculations in Crawley we use:

  • Fajr: 15 degrees, Isha: 15 degrees
  • Asr: Hanafi
  • High Latitude: Angle-based rule
  • Latitude: 51.117, Longitude: -0.182

Prayer Times Crawley - May 2024

Muslim prayer times (salah/namaz times) in Crawley for May 2024 are listed in the table below.

1 May 202403:3805:3312:5818:0520:2322:19
2 May 202403:3505:3112:5818:0620:2522:21
3 May 202403:3305:2912:5818:0720:2722:24
4 May 202403:3005:2812:5718:0820:2822:27
5 May 202403:2705:2612:5718:0820:3022:29
6 May 202403:2405:2412:5718:0920:3122:32
7 May 202403:2105:2212:5718:1020:3322:35
8 May 202403:1805:2112:5718:1120:3522:37
9 May 202403:1605:1912:5718:1220:3622:40
10 May 202403:1305:1712:5718:1320:3822:43
11 May 202403:1005:1612:5718:1420:3922:46
12 May 202403:0705:1412:5718:1520:4122:49
13 May 202403:0505:1312:5718:1620:4222:50
14 May 202403:0405:1112:5718:1720:4422:51
15 May 202403:0405:1012:5718:1820:4522:51
16 May 202403:0305:0812:5718:1920:4722:52
17 May 202403:0205:0712:5718:1920:4822:53
18 May 202403:0205:0612:5718:2020:4922:53
19 May 202403:0105:0412:5718:2120:5122:54
20 May 202403:0005:0312:5718:2220:5222:55
21 May 202403:0005:0212:5718:2320:5422:56
22 May 202402:5905:0112:5718:2320:5522:56
23 May 202402:5904:5912:5818:2420:5622:57
24 May 202402:5804:5812:5818:2520:5822:58
25 May 202402:5804:5712:5818:2620:5922:58
26 May 202402:5704:5612:5818:2621:0022:59
27 May 202402:5704:5512:5818:2721:0123:00
28 May 202402:5604:5412:5818:2821:0223:00
29 May 202402:5604:5312:5818:2921:0423:01
30 May 202402:5604:5212:5818:2921:0523:02
31 May 202402:5504:5212:5918:3021:0623:02

The Five Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam are the foundation of the Islamic faith and provide the framework for a Muslim’s life. They are the core beliefs that all Muslims must follow to practice their religion and live a life of faith. The five pillars of Islam are:

  • Shahadah: This is the declaration of faith and the acceptance of God as the one and only God, and Prophet Muhammad as His messenger.
  • Salah (Salat, Namaz): These are the five daily prayers that are performed at specific times throughout the day. These prayers serve to remind the believer of the importance of worshipping God.
  • Zakat: This is the practice of giving charity to those in need. It serves to purify the soul of the giver and benefit those in need.
  • Sawm: This is the practice of fasting during the month of Ramadan. It is a time of spiritual reflection, prayer, and self-discipline.
  • Hajj: This is the pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims are expected to do at least once in their lifetime. During this pilgrimage, Muslims come together to worship and celebrate their faith.

The five daily prayers are integral parts of the Islamic faith. These prayers provide an opportunity for Muslims to connect with God and gain spiritual strength and guidance. The five daily prayers are:

  • Fajr – The dawn prayer.
  • Dhuhr – The afternoon prayer
  • Asr – The late afternoon prayer.
  • Maghrib – The evening prayer.
  • Isha – The night prayer.

These five prayers must be performed with purity of heart and intention, and Muslims must face Mecca while they pray. Praying the five daily prayers is a way for Muslims to remember and reaffirm their connection to God and to express their gratitude for His blessings.

Map of Crawley

The map below shows the location in Crawley where prayer times are calculated. Times in other areas of the town may vary very slightly.

Map showing location of Crawley

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