Muslim Prayer Times Doncaster

Muslims living in or visiting Doncaster can find prayer times for the local area using this handy guide.

Whether you’re looking for Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib or Isha prayer times we’ve got you covered.

Prayer Times Doncaster - Today

Muslim prayer times (salah/namaz times) in Doncaster for today, Wednesday 22 May 2024, are:

  • Fajr - 02:57
  • Sunrise - 04:53
  • Dhuhr - 13:01
  • Asr - 18:32
  • Maghrib - 21:10
  • Isha - 23:06

Prayer times were last updated on .

There are many methods used to calculate prayer times. For prayer times calculations in Doncaster we use:

  • Fajr: 15 degrees, Isha: 15 degrees
  • Asr: Hanafi
  • High Latitude: Angle-based rule
  • Latitude: 53.523, Longitude: -1.129

Prayer Times Doncaster - May 2024

Muslim prayer times (salah/namaz times) in Doncaster for May 2024 are listed in the table below.

1 May 202403:2205:2913:0218:1120:3522:43
2 May 202403:1805:2713:0118:1220:3722:47
3 May 202403:1505:2513:0118:1320:3922:50
4 May 202403:1205:2313:0118:1420:4122:51
5 May 202403:1105:2113:0118:1520:4222:52
6 May 202403:1005:1913:0118:1620:4422:53
7 May 202403:0905:1713:0118:1820:4622:54
8 May 202403:0805:1513:0118:1920:4822:55
9 May 202403:0705:1313:0118:2020:4922:55
10 May 202403:0705:1213:0118:2120:5122:56
11 May 202403:0605:1013:0118:2220:5322:57
12 May 202403:0505:0813:0118:2320:5422:58
13 May 202403:0405:0613:0118:2420:5622:59
14 May 202403:0305:0513:0118:2520:5823:00
15 May 202403:0205:0313:0118:2620:5923:00
16 May 202403:0105:0213:0118:2721:0123:01
17 May 202403:0105:0013:0118:2721:0323:02
18 May 202403:0004:5813:0118:2821:0423:03
19 May 202402:5904:5713:0118:2921:0623:04
20 May 202402:5904:5613:0118:3021:0723:04
21 May 202402:5804:5413:0118:3121:0923:05
22 May 202402:5704:5313:0118:3221:1023:06
23 May 202402:5704:5113:0118:3321:1223:07
24 May 202402:5604:5013:0118:3421:1323:08
25 May 202402:5504:4913:0218:3421:1523:08
26 May 202402:5504:4813:0218:3521:1623:09
27 May 202402:5404:4713:0218:3621:1723:10
28 May 202402:5404:4613:0218:3721:1923:10
29 May 202402:5304:4513:0218:3821:2023:11
30 May 202402:5304:4413:0218:3821:2123:12
31 May 202402:5304:4313:0218:3921:2323:13

The Five Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam are the cornerstones of the Islamic faith and the foundations of Muslim life. They are the five duties that every Muslim must perform to live an Islamic life. These five duties – Shahadah, Salah, Zakat, Sawm, and Hajj – are the basic framework of Islamic life, providing Muslims with both a spiritual and a practical foundation.

The first Pillar of Islam is the declaration of faith, or Shahadah, which is the statement of belief that there is only one God and that Muhammad is his messenger. This statement of faith is essential to being a Muslim and it is repeated daily by Muslims in their prayers.

The second Pillar of Islam is Salah (Salat, Namaz), or prayer. Muslims are obligated to pray five times a day – at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and nightfall. During these prayers, Muslims turn to God and express their faith in Him and His teachings.

The third Pillar of Islam is Zakat or charity. Zakat is the payment of a percentage of one’s wealth to the poor and needy. This is an important part of the Islamic faith, as it helps to spread wealth and promote social justice.

The fourth Pillar of Islam is Sawm or fasting. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset to increase their spiritual growth and purify their souls.

The fifth Pillar of Islam is Hajj or pilgrimage. Muslims are required to make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca at least once in their lifetime. During this pilgrimage, they perform various rituals and prayers that allow them to connect with God and become closer to Him.

Muslim prayers are a central part of Islamic life. The five daily prayers are known as Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha.

  • Fajr is the first prayer of the day and is performed at dawn.
  • Dhuhr is the second prayer of the day and is performed at noon.
  • Asr is the third prayer of the day and is performed in the afternoon.
  • Maghrib is the fourth prayer of the day and is performed at sunset.
  • Isha is the fifth prayer of the day and is performed at night.

The five daily prayers are essential to a Muslim’s life, as they are an expression of one’s faith, an opportunity to come closer to God, and a reminder of the importance of charity and social justice.

They are the foundation of Muslim life, providing Muslims with spiritual guidance, practical foundation, and purpose.

Map of Doncaster

The map below shows the location in Doncaster where prayer times are calculated. Times in other areas of the town may vary very slightly.

Map showing location of Doncaster

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