Muslim Prayer Times Watford

If you’re a Muslim living in or visiting Watford in Hertfordshire, chances are you’re looking for accurate prayer times.

We’ve got you covered. We offer prayer times for today and this month. Times are updated every day.

Prayer Times Watford - Today

Muslim prayer times (salah/namaz times) in Watford for today, Wednesday 22 May 2024, are:

  • Fajr - 02:59
  • Sunrise - 04:59
  • Dhuhr - 12:58
  • Asr - 18:25
  • Maghrib - 20:58
  • Isha - 22:58

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There are many methods used to calculate prayer times. For prayer times calculations in Watford we use:

  • Fajr: 15 degrees, Isha: 15 degrees
  • Asr: Hanafi
  • High Latitude: Angle-based rule
  • Latitude: 51.654, Longitude: -0.394

Five Pillars of Islam and Prayer

The Five Pillars of Islam are a set of fundamental beliefs and practices that form the basis of the Muslim faith. These five pillars are Shahadah (profession of faith); Salah (prayer); Zakat (charity); Sawm (fasting); and Hajj (pilgrimage).

The profession of faith, or shahadah, is the most important pillar of Islam. It states that ‘there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.’ This is the core belief of all Muslims and is central to their daily life and beliefs.

The second pillar, salah (salat, namaz), is the prayer that Muslims perform five times each day. It is an important part of the Muslim faith and is a way of submitting to Allah’s will and seeking His guidance. The five daily prayers are Fajr (the early morning prayer); Dhuhr (the midday prayer); Asr (the afternoon prayer); Maghrib (the sunset prayer); and Isha (the night prayer).

These five daily prayers are an important part of the Islamic faith and provide an opportunity for the believer to seek guidance from Allah and to express gratitude for His blessings. They are a reminder to the believer to remain steadfast in their faith and to strive to become closer to Allah.

Prayer Times Watford - May 2024

Muslim prayer times (salah/namaz times) in Watford for May 2024 are listed in the table below.

1 May 202403:3505:3212:5918:0620:2622:24
2 May 202403:3205:3012:5918:0720:2822:27
3 May 202403:2905:2812:5818:0820:2922:29
4 May 202403:2605:2712:5818:0920:3122:32
5 May 202403:2305:2512:5818:1020:3322:35
6 May 202403:2005:2312:5818:1120:3422:38
7 May 202403:1705:2112:5818:1220:3622:41
8 May 202403:1405:2012:5818:1320:3722:43
9 May 202403:1105:1812:5818:1420:3922:46
10 May 202403:0805:1612:5818:1520:4122:49
11 May 202403:0605:1512:5818:1620:4222:50
12 May 202403:0605:1312:5818:1720:4422:51
13 May 202403:0505:1112:5818:1820:4522:52
14 May 202403:0405:1012:5818:1820:4722:53
15 May 202403:0305:0812:5818:1920:4822:53
16 May 202403:0305:0712:5818:2020:5022:54
17 May 202403:0205:0612:5818:2120:5122:55
18 May 202403:0105:0412:5818:2220:5322:56
19 May 202403:0105:0312:5818:2320:5422:56
20 May 202403:0005:0112:5818:2420:5522:57
21 May 202402:5905:0012:5818:2520:5722:58
22 May 202402:5904:5912:5818:2520:5822:58
23 May 202402:5804:5812:5818:2621:0022:59
24 May 202402:5804:5712:5818:2721:0123:00
25 May 202402:5704:5612:5918:2821:0223:01
26 May 202402:5704:5412:5918:2821:0423:01
27 May 202402:5604:5312:5918:2921:0523:02
28 May 202402:5604:5212:5918:3021:0623:03
29 May 202402:5504:5112:5918:3121:0723:03
30 May 202402:5504:5112:5918:3121:0823:04
31 May 202402:5504:5012:5918:3221:0923:05

Map of Watford

This map shows the location in Watford where prayer times on this website are calculated.

Map showing location of Watford

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