Muslim Prayer Times Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is home to a thriving Muslim community, and many Muslims living in the city will want to know prayer (namaz) times.

Prayer times for Muslims in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands for today and this month can be found below.

Prayer times for other cities and towns in the United Kingdom can be found here.

Prayer Times Wolverhampton - Today

Muslim prayer times (salah/namaz times) in Wolverhampton for today, Wednesday 22 May 2024, are:

  • Fajr - 03:04
  • Sunrise - 05:01
  • Dhuhr - 13:05
  • Asr - 18:34
  • Maghrib - 21:10
  • Isha - 23:08

Prayer times were last updated on .

There are many methods used to calculate prayer times. For prayer times calculations in Wolverhampton we use:

  • Fajr: 15 degrees, Isha: 15 degrees
  • Asr: Hanafi
  • High Latitude: Angle-based rule
  • Latitude: 52.5856, Longitude: -2.127

Muslim Prayers and the Five Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam are the foundation of the Muslim faith. They are the five basic obligations that every Muslim must fulfill to live a good life.

These pillars are Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Sawm, and Hajj. Each pillar has a unique spiritual significance.

  • The first pillar is Shahada, which is the declaration of faith. Muslims recite this declaration to proclaim their faith in Allah.
  • The second pillar is Salat, which is Muslim prayer. Muslims pray five times a day to connect with Allah and to seek guidance.
  • The third pillar is Zakat, which is giving alms to those in need. This pillar encourages Muslims to share their blessings with others and help those who are struggling.
  • The fourth pillar is Sawm, which is fasting during Ramadan. This pillar teaches Muslims discipline and humility.
  • The fifth and final pillar is Hajj, which is the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.

Muslims have five specific prayer times throughout the day that they are supposed to observe.

  • The first prayer is called Fajr and it is performed before sunrise.
  • The second prayer is called Dhuhr and it is performed during the middle of the day.
  • The third prayer is called Asr and it is performed in the late afternoon or early evening. The fourth prayer is called Maghrib and it is performed after sunset.
  • The fifth and final prayer is called Isha and it is performed at night before bed.

All Muslims are required to pray these five prayers, but there are some exemptions for those who are traveling or ill.

Prayer provides a special connection between Muslims and Allah, so observing these prayers should be a top priority for all believers.

Prayer times Wolverhampton - fajr, namaz, salah, asr, maghrib

Prayer Times Wolverhampton - May 2024

Muslim prayer times (salah/namaz times) in Wolverhampton for May 2024 are listed in the table below.

1 May 202403:3405:3613:0618:1420:3622:39
2 May 202403:3105:3413:0518:1520:3822:42
3 May 202403:2805:3213:0518:1620:3922:45
4 May 202403:2505:3013:0518:1720:4122:48
5 May 202403:2105:2813:0518:1820:4322:51
6 May 202403:1805:2713:0518:1920:4522:54
7 May 202403:1505:2513:0518:2020:4622:56
8 May 202403:1405:2313:0518:2120:4822:57
9 May 202403:1305:2113:0518:2220:4922:57
10 May 202403:1205:2013:0518:2320:5122:58
11 May 202403:1205:1813:0518:2420:5322:59
12 May 202403:1105:1613:0518:2520:5423:00
13 May 202403:1005:1513:0518:2620:5623:01
14 May 202403:0905:1313:0518:2720:5823:01
15 May 202403:0805:1113:0518:2820:5923:02
16 May 202403:0805:1013:0518:2921:0123:03
17 May 202403:0705:0813:0518:3021:0223:04
18 May 202403:0605:0713:0518:3121:0423:05
19 May 202403:0505:0513:0518:3221:0523:05
20 May 202403:0505:0413:0518:3221:0723:06
21 May 202403:0405:0313:0518:3321:0823:07
22 May 202403:0405:0113:0518:3421:1023:08
23 May 202403:0305:0013:0518:3521:1123:08
24 May 202403:0204:5913:0518:3621:1223:09
25 May 202403:0204:5813:0618:3621:1423:10
26 May 202403:0104:5713:0618:3721:1523:11
27 May 202403:0104:5613:0618:3821:1623:11
28 May 202403:0004:5513:0618:3921:1823:12
29 May 202403:0004:5413:0618:4021:1923:13
30 May 202403:0004:5313:0618:4021:2023:13
31 May 202402:5904:5213:0618:4121:2123:14

About Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is a city and metropolitan borough in the West Midlands region of England.

During the Industrial Revolution, Wolverhampton became a major center for coal mining, steel production, lock making, and the manufacture of automobiles and bicycles.

During the latter half of the 20th century, a large number of black and Asian people immigrated to Wolverhampton.

The Muslim population of Wolverhampton is growing rapidly. This is due in part to the high birth rates within the Muslim community, as well as to immigration from countries with large Muslim populations.

At the time of the last census, 9,062 Muslims were living in Wolverhampton. The total population of Wolverhampton is currently 267,700.

Wolverhampton Map

The map below shows the location in Wolverhampton where prayer times are calculated. Times in other areas of the city may vary very slightly.

Map showing location of where Wolverhampton prayer times calculated