Ramsbottom is a small town in the Irwell Valley, around 5 miles north of Bury. Its name means ‘valley of the wild garlic’ (a derivation of ‘ransom’, the name for wild garlic and ‘botham’, a valley).

It developed during the Industrial Revolution as a mill town and in recent years has prospered as a tourist destination with the opening of the East Lancashire Railway. Other local attractions include the Peel Tower and the Rambottom Duck Trail, a 1 mile walking circuit that includes the River Irwell Wharf, Kay Brow Lodge and Springwood Lodge. A map is available from the Ramsbottom Heritage Centre. The town is also on the Irwell Sculpture Trail. Edward Allington’s Tilted Vase sculpture stands on Market Place.

On the second Sunday of each month, the Ramsbottom farmers market attracts visitors from all over the North West. In September the town’s Royal Oak pub hosts the rather bizarre World Black Pudding Throwing Championships, while on Good Friday thousands gather to climb Holcombe Hill.