Black Moss Reservoirs

Upper Black Moss Reservoir and Lower Black Moss Reservoir are located near Barley, a village in Pendle, Lancashire.

Black Moss Reservoirs viewed from Pendle Hill
Black Moss Reservoirs viewed from Pendle Hill

Lower Black Moss Reservoir was completed in 1903. Upper Black Moss Reservoir was built in 1804. They were built to supply water to Nelson and Barley.

Upper Black Moss Reservoir
Upper Black Moss Reservoir
Embankment at Lower Black Moss Reservoir and view of Pendle Hill
Embankment at Lower Black Moss Reservoir and view of Pendle Hill

The reservoirs are owned and managed by United Utilities. They are not currently used to supply drinking water. They are compensation reservoirs; used to put water back into the environment to make up for that taken out for drinking.

Lower Black Moss Reservoir
Lower Black Moss Reservoir

In 2011 a 17th century cottage was unearthed near Lower Black Moss Reservoir while United Utilities were working on a construction project.

The skeleton of a cat was found bricked into one of the walls.  It was probably put there to protect the occupants from evil spirits. There was speculation at the time that the cottage could have belonged to one of the Pendle witches.

The cottage was reburied in 2012 to prevent weather damage and protect it from treasure hunters. Archaeologists determined that the cottage was more likely to have been the home of a weaver than a witch.

Aitken Wood and the Pendle Sculpture Trail are situated next to Upper Black Moss Reservoir.

There are good views of the reservoirs from Pendle Hill.

Nearby Attractions

Tourist attractions and things to do near Black Moss Reservoirs include:

  • Pendle Sculpture Trail (0.1 miles) - Sculpture trail in Pendle, Lancashire. Features works inspired by the Pendle witches and local heritage.
  • Barley Picnic Site (0.7 miles) - Picnic site in Barley, Lancashire. Popular starting point for walks to Pendle Hill and the Pendle Sculpture Trail.
  • Pendle Hill (1.8 miles) - Pendle Hill rises 557 metres above sea level and is one of the Lancashire’s most famous landmarks.
  • Pendle Heritage Centre (2.4 miles) - Explores the history and heritage of Pendle

Nearby Hotels

Hotels near Black Moss Reservoirs include:

  • Fence Gate Lodge (2.7 miles)


Map showing location of Black Moss Reservoirs.

Map showing location of Black Moss Reservoirs


Black Moss Reservoirs

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