Liverpool Castle

Liverpool Castle in Lever Park in Rivington is a scaled replica of Merseyside’s thirteenth century castle.

Video tour of Liverpool Castle and Lower Rivington Reservoir

The original structure was built on the site that is now home to Derby Square and the Queen Victoria Monument, just west of the Liverpool One shopping and leisure complex. By the early part of the eighteenth century most of the original fortification had been destroyed or demolished.

Gateway to Liverpool Castle and view of Rivington Pike and Winter Hill
Gateway to Liverpool Castle and view of Rivington Pike and Winter Hill

The Rivington replica was commissioned in 1912 by William Hesketh Lever (Lord Leverhulme), a philanthropist and the founder of Lever Brothers (now Unilever). It is a folly and was never intended to be completed. It was meant to look like a ruin that had stood for years. Work on the project was slow with only a handful of labourers allocated to it. Construction work ceased when Lever died in 1925 and the castle never reached the state of completion he envisaged.

North West Tower (or Great Tower) at Liverpool Castle, Rivington
North West Tower (or Great Tower)

Signs all around the site advise visitors not to climb the walls. Whenever we’ve visited there’s nearly always been a handful of kids taking no notice of the guidance. Well-behaved children seem quite happy to explore the castle’s keep, towers, passages, nooks and crannies. Illegal night-time raves and parties here are not unheard of.

North West Tower - Exterior View, Liverpool Castle, Rivington
North West Tower – Exterior View

Liverpool Castle is situated on the eastern bank of Lower Rivington Reservoir on a promontory known as Coblowe. Lever believed this site bore a resemblance to the site of the original castle.

Passage - South West Tower (Castle Keep), Liverpool Castle, Rivington
Passage – South West Tower (Castle Keep)

The quickest way to get to Liverpool Castle is to drive to the car park on Rivington Lane (just north of Rivington and Blackrod High School – postcode BL6 7RU). Parking is free. The castle can be reached from here by following a 700-yard, tree-lined footpath. It’s a picturesque walk and doesn’t take long.

Several other paths through Lever Park lead to the castle. Our walk around Rivington takes in Liverpool Castle plus Lower Rivington Reservoir, Rivington Hall Barn, Rivington Hall, the Great House Barn Tea Room and Gift Shop, and the Great House Information Centre (United Utilities).

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  • Poppins Tea Rooms (0.9 miles) - Edwardian style tea room in Horwich. Offers coffee, cakes, baked goods, afternoon tea, breakfasts, and more.


Map showing location of Liverpool Castle.

Map showing location of Liverpool Castle


Liverpool Castle

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Rivington Lane
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  1. I live nearby, and walk here from a carpark off Horrobin Lane every morning with my dog, Molly. Our walk takes us through Go Ape to the castle. It is my peaceful place. I love it.

  2. This is so wonderful but When was the original castle that say there built? Im trying to find the castle ruins of the castle 1st century king old king cole/coilus. And where the lords of brynffenigl would have resided.

    • The originaal castle was built about 1232/1234 to protect the port of Liverpool.

  3. The building has had structural alterations in the last few years to discourage youths from climbing the structure. The photos here are now out of date.

  4. Place is covered with broken Glass! Tiny bits everywhere and ended up with my daughter going to A&E! Tripped when walking and cut all her face open, legs and arms!! Be very very careful going on the replica castle ruins

  5. Beautiful place in summer. The castle is great. The car park however could do with a resurface, as my partners bike went over, snapping the clutch lever and covering us both in mud…..don’t think you will pay for that huh

  6. Been here today for 1st time. People we passed by in the forest ect were very lovely and friendly. Which Helps as my boy is special needs and usually have to try and tell people ect ect. Loved it so much will go back soon. We had a picnic in a field and was so beautiful and relaxing. Free parking and loo’s in car park where you enter/exit and a great surprise when you get to the end of the centre path 😉 enjoy 🙂

    • Been here for the first time


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