Lymm Dam

Lymm Dam is situated near Lymm in Cheshire. It was built in 1824 to carry a road from Warrington to Stockport. This is now the A56.

Construction of the dam resulted in valley flooding and creation of a lake. The dam, lake, and surrounding woodland are now a country park popular with families and dog walkers.

4k video of a walk around Lymm and Lymm Dam
Tree sculpture at Lymm Dam country park, Cheshire

The woods here are teeming with woodland birds and wildlife. On the water you will see waterfowl such as ducks and swans.

Squirrel sitting on tree branch at Lymm Dam
Squirrel in tree

Paths run right around the lake and are generally in good condition. The main path forms part of the Lymm Heritage Trail.

Footpath at Lymm Dam
Footpath at Lymm Dam

Facilities include picnic tables and benches. Information panels around the park cover subjects such as the history of the dam, the geology of the area, and wildlife. There is usually a van on the road above the dam selling drinks and snacks.

View of the lake at Lymm Dam and St Mary's Church
View of the lake at St Mary’s Church
Lymm Dam
Lymm Dam
Sandstone rocks, Lymm Dam
Sandstone rocks

Location and Car Park

Lymm Dam is located on the A56, just south of Lymm, near Warrington in Cheshire.

Refreshment van on A56/Lymm Dam
Refreshment van on A56/Lymm Dam

The car park is situated on Crouchley Lane, just east of the dam (postcode WA13 0AS). Parking is free.

Car park for Lymm Dam
Car park for Lymm Dam

Visitors can also park on the dam/A56.


Map showing location of Lymm Dam.

Map showing location of Lymm Dam


Lymm Dam

Address and postcode
Crouchley Lane
United Kingdom
WA13 0AS

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