Rivington Pike

Rivington Pike, standing at 1,191 feet above sea level, is one of the most beloved high spots in Lancashire. If the weather is clear, visitors to the summit can see sights such as Blackpool Tower, Jodrell Bank, the Isle of Man, and the Lake District fells.

The peak was once the site of one of a chain of beacons built in the twelfth century to warn of dangers. It was lit in 1588 to signal the approach of the approaching Spanish Armada. In more recent times, a beacon was lit here in 2012 to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Trail to Rivington Pike
Trail to Rivington Pike

Pike Tower sits on the summit. It is a simple stone structure built in the eighteenth century as a hunting lodge. Inside there’s a cellar and fireplace, though the windows and door of the tower have been bricked up to prevent vandalism.

Pike Tower at Rivington Pike
Pike Tower

Rivington Pike is the venue for a number of popular annual events. The Rivington Pike Fell Race is one of England’s oldest fell races. The three-mile race has been held every Easter Saturday since the late nineteenth century. It is organised by Horwich RMI Harriers. A less strenuous event is the annual Good Friday walk to the summit.

View of the University of Bolton Stadium from Rivington Pike
View of the University of Bolton Stadium

There are numerous walking routes to Rivington Pike. One of the most popular is the relatively short walk from Rivington Hall Barn via Rivington Terraced Gardens. Longer possibilities include walking from Barrow Bridge via Crooked Edge Hill.

Rivington Pike is on the West Pennine Moors, overlooking the village of Rivington. It lies within the Borough of Chorley. However, most residents of Horwich and Bolton would argue that it is more closely associated with their towns.

Rivington Pike does not have a postcode or address. The nearest place with an address and postcode is Rivington Hall Barn (Rivington Lane, BL6 7SB). There’s a large car park at Rivington Hall Barn. Parking here is free of charge.

The nearest train stations are Blackrod and Adlington, though neither is within easy walking distance.

The West Pennine Moors are also home to Darwen Tower and Peel Tower. The views from both are also fantastic. Unlike the Pike Tower, both of these are open to the public, although Peel Tower has limited opening hours.


The video below shows the walk to Rivington Pike from Rivington Hall Barn.

Video of a walk to Rivington Pike


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Map showing location of Rivington Pike.

Map showing location of Rivington Pike


Rivington Pike

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