Bolton Train Station – Bolton Interchange

Bolton Train Station is the main train station serving Bolton. It is situated on Trinity Street, just south of Bolton town centre.

Platform 4 at Bolton Train Station
Platform 4

Facilities at the station include a café, waiting room, toilets, and cycle storage.

The current station was built in the late 1980s, replacing Bolton Trinity Street Train Station that was located across the road. The old station was demolished but the clock tower from the old station was dismantled and rebuilt outside the new station entrance.

The station platforms currently in use are those that were part of the original station. The canopies and platform buildings date back to the turn of the century and are fine examples of Edwardian railway architecture.

Owners of satellite navigation systems can use the postcode BL2 1BE to find Bolton Train Station.

The station will become part of the new £48 million Bolton Interchange. A new bus station is currently being built on the land to the north of the station, between Newport Street and Great Moor Street. It will be linked to the train station by a new footbridge crossing over the rail tracks.

Bolton Interchange should be operation in late 2016. Bolton’s existing bus station on Moor Lane will close.


Map showing location of Bolton Train Station – Bolton Interchange.

Map showing location of Bolton Train Station – Bolton Interchange


Bolton Train Station – Bolton Interchange

Address and postcode
Trinity Street
Greater Manchester
United Kingdom

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