Walk Around Wycoller Country Park

Our walk around Wycoller Country Park is just 2½ miles long. It is quite easy and has no particularly steep sections.

The walk includes sights around the park (ruins of Wycoller Hall, a 17th century barn, ancient bridges, and more). The Atom, a contemporary viewing platform, is also on the route.

One section of the walk crosses an open field. This can be quite muddy if it has been raining. It is not suitable for prams.

The walk starts at the Wycoller Country Park’s Trawden Road Car Park (postcode BB8 8SY). Modest parking fees apply.

From the car park follow the path that runs alongside the road to Wycoller village. After about 600 yards you will reach the village.

Path to Wycoller village
Path to Wycoller village

Walk through the village. You’ll see the fantastic Packhorse Bridge and the Clapper Bridge, two of many ancient bridges crossing Wycoller Beck.

Packhorse Bridge, Wycoller
Packhorse Bridge

There are plenty of interesting sights in the village; the ruins of Wycoller Hall and the Aisled Barn Visitor Centre. Our walk subsequently returns to the village so you can look at them now or later.

Wycoller Hall

Find the track that starts behind the ruins of Wycoller Hall and follow it up the hill.

Track behind Wycoller Hall
Track behind Wycoller Hall

After 40 yards turn right through the opening in the wall and follow the path up the hill.

Opening in wall
Opening in wall

On the left you’ll see the path is lined with huge stone slabs. These walls are thought to date from medieval times. They were erected to separate cattle fields.

Stone slab cattle walls at Wycoller Country Park
Stone slab walls

These days the fields are used for sheep.

Sheep in field at Wycoller
Sheep in field

After ¼ mile the path passes through a small valley.

Path through valley, Wycoller, Lancashire

Once out of the valley, go through the kissing gate and head up the hill.

Kissing gate in stone wall, Pendle, Lancashire
Kissing gate

You’ll soon see The Atom; one of four Panopticons in Lancashire.

Path to The Atom
Path to The Atom

On reaching The Atom you will be rewarded with amazing views of Wycoller and Pendle Hill.

The Atom and Pendle Hill
The Atom and Pendle Hill

From The Atom walk east down the hill, following the footpath towards the houses.

Footpath down the hill
Footpath down the hill
Kissing gate in stone wall, Wycoller Country Park
Kissing gate
Field, Wycoller
Kissing gate, Wycoller
Kissing gate

Follow the road between the houses.

Road between houses
Road between houses

You will see a gate. Go through it.

Gate, Wycoller

The route then goes through an open field. It is marked by wooden poles.

Wooden pole marking public footpath, Wycoller Country Park
Wooden pole marking public footpath

You then come to a gate in the wall near Parson Lee Farm. Go through it and cross the stream using the wooden bridge.

Pearson Lee Farm
Pearson Lee Farm

Once over the bridge, turn right and follow the track that runs alongside the stream.

Wooden bridge near Pearson Lee Farm, Pendle
Wooden bridge
Waterfall, Wycoller Country Park

You will soon come to Clam Bridge. This simple stone bridge is thought to be more than 1,000 years old. It is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Clam Bridge
Clam Bridge

Continue along the track for ¼ mile to reach Wycoller village. You can now explore the ruins of Wycoller Hall, visit the Aisled Barn Visitor Centre, or get something to eat at The Old Dairy cafe.

Walkers on track to Wycoller village
Track to Wycoller
Eating soup at the Old Dairy cafe, Wycoller
The Old Dairy

From the village, return along the initial route to the Trawden Road Car Park.

Route Map

Map showing location of Walk Around Wycoller Country Park

Walk Information

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.5 miles

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