Map of Blackpool

Our map of Blackpool and the surrounding area shows the exact positions of hotels, guest houses, tourist attractions, and transport links in this popular UK seaside resort.

Popular destinations on the map include Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the Odeon Cinema, Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool Tower, Blackpool Zoo, Stanley Park, Sea Life and Blackpool North Train Station.

The map offers two unique views – ‘Map’ shows a street map of Blackpool while ‘Satellite’ shows an aerial view. To see where the town is in relation the rest of Lancashire and the UK, use the control to zoom out.

To locate any point of interest, use the index beneath the map. Click the name and your chosen point will be highlighted.

This map of Blackpool boasts Google Street View technology. Grab the Google Pegman and drag it onto the map. Streets with Street View will be highlighted in blue.