Stoke Weather Forecast

The weather in Stoke-on-Trent is always changing, so it’s important to stay up to date on the latest forecast. Here’s the info you need to know for today and tomorrow. A 5-day forecast is also included.

Weather Forecast Today - Stoke-on-trent - Saturday 20th July 2024

Expect cloudy weather in Stoke-on-trent today. The temperature is expected to peak at around 22°C (but it will feel like 21°C due to the wind chill factor).

The likelihood of rain is 83%. It is probably not the best day to put your washing out. Humidity will be approximately 75%.

The UV Index today is 5 (moderate). Sun protection is recommended. You should stay in the shade at midday.

The visibility level is expected to be moderate. You should be able to see places as far as 4 to 10 km away (2.5 to 6.2 miles). The wind speed today (noon) will be approximately 9 mph (gentle breeze), blowing south.

Weather Forecast Tonight - Stoke-on-trent - Saturday 20th July 2024

It will be cloudy in Stoke-on-trent tonight. The minimum temperature at night is going to be 13°C (but it is going to feel like 12°C).

There is a good chance it will rain tonight (55% to be precise). Humidity will be around 91%.

The wind speed this evening will be approximately 9 mph (gentle breeze), blowing north west.

Weather Forecast Tomorrow - Stoke-on-trent - Sunday 21st July 2024

Cloudy weather is forecast for Stoke-on-trent tomorrow. The daytime temperature is forecast to peak at around 19°C (it will feel like 17 °C).

The probability of rain tomorrow is around 13%. The humidity level tomorrow will be roughly 59%.

The UV Index is 5 (moderate). Suncream is necessary. Stay in the shade at midday when the sun is strongest

The visibility level tomorrow is expected to be very good. From a good vantage point, you should be able to see for 20 to 40 km (12.4 to 24.9 miles).

Wind speed at noon is forecast to be 9 mph (gentle breeze). It will be blowing west north west.

5-Day Forecast For Stoke-on-trent

A 5-day weather forecast for Stoke-on-trent is shown in the table below.

DateWeather TypeDay Max Temp (°C)Night Min Temp (°C)Chance of Rain (%)Wind Speed (mph)Max UV
Saturday 20th July - DayCloudy22 - 8395
Saturday 20th July - NightCloudy - 13559 -
Sunday 21st July - DayCloudy19 - 1395
Sunday 21st July - NightOvercast - 14119 -
Monday 22nd July - DayCloudy21 - 45136
Monday 22nd July - NightCloudy - 1397 -
Tuesday 23rd July - DayPartly Cloudy19 - 8117
Tuesday 23rd July - NightCloudy - 1054 -
Wednesday 24th July - DayCloudy22 - 1577
Wednesday 24th July - NightOvercast - 15517 -

Forecast - Location Details

The weather forecast for Stoke-on-trent is based on data provided by the Met Office for the location shown on the map below. The weather in other areas of Stoke-on-trent may vary slightly.

Map showing location of Met Office weather station in Stoke-on-trent

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