Wigan Weather

Looking for the latest Wigan weather forecast? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find forecast for today and tomorrow. Plus, we’ve got a 5-day forecast to give you an idea of what to expect in the coming days.

Weather Forecast Today - Wigan - Wednesday 29th March 2023

Cloudy weather is anticipated. The highest temperature will be around 15°C (but it will feel like 13°C due to the wind chill factor).

More likely than not it will be a dry day today. The chance of it raining is roughly 49%. The humidity level today will be roughly 89%.

The UV Index today is 2 (low). No sun protection is required. You can safely stay outside.

Visibility today is moderate. You should be able to see for 4 to 10 km (2.5 to 6.2 miles). The wind speed today (noon) will be approximately 11 mph (gentle breeze), blowing south south east.

Weather Forecast Tonight - Wigan - Wednesday 29th March 2023

There will be heavy rain in Wigan tonight. The minimum temperature at night is going to be 10°C (but it is going to feel like 8°C).

There is a good chance it will rain tonight (84% to be precise). Humidity will be around 91%.

The wind speed this evening will be approximately 7 mph (light breeze), blowing south south west.

Weather Forecast Tomorrow - Wigan - Thursday 30th March 2023

There are going to be light rain showers in Wigan tomorrow. Peak daytime temperature should be approximately 14°C (it will feel like 12 °C).

More likely than not it will be a dry day tomorrow. The chance of it raining is roughly 47%. Humidity tomorrow is forecast to be around 71%.

The UV Index should be around 3 (moderate). If you are spending time outside you should wear sunscreen and stay in the shade around midday.

Visibility tomorrow should be very good.

The wind speed tomorrow at noon is forecast to be 13 mph (moderate breeze). The wind direction will be west south west.

5-Day Forecast For Wigan

A 5-day weather forecast for Wigan is shown in the table below.

DateWeather TypeDay Max Temp (°C)Night Min Temp (°C)Chance of Rain (%)Wind Speed (mph)Max UV
Wednesday 29th March - DayCloudy15 - 49112
Wednesday 29th March - NightHeavy Rain - 10847 -
Thursday 30th March - DayLight Rain14 - 47133
Thursday 30th March - NightLight Rain - 95911 -
Friday 31st March - DayLight Rain13 - 5072
Friday 31st March - NightLight Rain - 8567 -
Saturday 1st April - DayOvercast11 - 5093
Saturday 1st April - NightCloudy - 5187 -
Sunday 2nd April - DayOvercast11 - 1243
Sunday 2nd April - NightOvercast - 5117 -

Forecast - Location Details

The weather forecast for Wigan is based on data provided by the Met Office for the location shown on the map below. The weather in other areas of Wigan may vary slightly.

Map showing location of Met Office weather station in Wigan
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