Peel Centre

The Peel Centre is a leisure and retail park on the outskirts of Blackburn town centre.

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The upper level of the park is home to the Vue Cinema, Tenpin bowling centre, and Nando’s restaurant.

Vue Cinema, Nando's, and Tenpin, Peel Centre, Blackburn, Lancashire
Vue Cinema, Nando’s, and Tenpin

The upper level is linked to Blackburn Train Station and the town centre via a walkway.

The lower level of the park is the retail area. There’s a large Matalan store here selling clothes for men, women, and children.

Matalan, Peel Centre, Blackburn

Staples, the stationery and office supplies company, closed their store here in 2013. Soft furnishings company Dunelm opened a new store in the same unit at the end of 2014.

Dunelm, Blackburn

There’s a Pizza Hut restaurant near the entrance.

There’s plenty of free customer parking on both levels of the park (time limited). Visitors with satellite navigation systems can use the postcode BB1 1AQ to find it. The entrance is on Lower Audley Street.

Pizza Hut, Blackburn

Details were last checked in September 2020. Things change, so check individual business details with official websites before travelling.

The park was previously called the Peel Leisure and Retail Park.

DW Fitness closed in 2017.

Other retail parks in Blackburn include Blackburn Retail Park, Hyndburn Retail Park, Townsmoor Retail Park, and Nova Scotia Retail Park.


Map showing location of Peel Centre.

Map showing location of Peel Centre


Peel Centre

Address and postcode
Lower Audley Street
United Kingdom

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. WARNING! Don’t think about treating yourself to a night out at the Peel Complex. You may go with the intention of having a good time, relaxing and having some time away from the stresses of life, only to be reminded a week later that if you enjoy yourself for over 4 hours you will receive a parking FINE for £100!

  2. Tenpin opens the new bowling alley on the 27th March 2017 replacing the old Bowlplex.

  3. I went to the Vue cinema with my family and upon our return found a ticket stuck to the windscreen of the car. This was in 2013 and to put it mildly I was annoyed. The Lytham based Car Park Management Services (UK) Limited as it was known then went in to administration in late 2013 are now known as the Lytham based Comprehensive Management Services (2014). Both companies had and have the same director. I still visit the site but now park elsewhere. It is clear this company is not helping Peel and if Peel had any forethought this isn’t the way to handle customers and those who wish to visit on a regular basis.

  4. I parked to go to DW. I got a ticket as the attendant had reason to believe I may have left the premises. The ticket was placed on my car 5 minutes after I left it so the attendant was obviously watching and waiting for me to leave it…. Very sneeky! Just a way of getting revenue out of poor unsuspecting members of the public. I am appealing against this. Shame on you CMS!

    • Same with me: any tips for appeal?

  5. My husband dropped of my daughter at Matalan as she was going their prior to catching her train to Preston however my husband wanted Morrisons, as this car park is handy for both he uses this every week.and has done for the past 3 years, however be aware this park has changed and if you leave the site which my husband did he has now received a parking fine of £90.00 or £55.00 if paid within 28 days, we are appealing against this. as no signs are in place telling regulars that this has changed.only a small sign at the bottom of the existing ones, he did try to explain to the man who gave him the ticket that my daughter was using the station and matalan but he still got the ticket.


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