Haweswater is the Lake District’s most easterly and least developed lake. It was originally much smaller, but in 1935 doubled in length when the Haweswater dam was built to supply water to Manchester.

Construction of the dam raised the water level by 100 feet and resulted in the flooding of the village of Mardale. In times of drought remnants of the village can still be seen.

Today, the lake is famous as the home of the only Golden Eagle in England. There’s an RSPB observation viewpoint open here between April and August (the best time to see the eagle). Telescopes and expert help are on hand between 11 am and 4 pm. The car park is at the southern end of Haweswater and the walk to the viewpoint approximately 1½ miles.

The Haweswater Hotel is the only building near the lake. It was built to replace the Dun Bull Inn at Mardale, lost when the valley was flooded.


Map showing location of Haweswater.

Map showing location of Haweswater



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