01223 Area Code

The 01223 area code is a geographical area code used in the United Kingdom. It covers the city of Cambridge and villages in its surrounding areas.

Villages covered by the Cambridge area code include Babraham, Balsham, Barrington, Bottisham. Comberton, Duxford, Foxton, Girton, Harston, Haslingfield, Hauxton, Histon, Linton, Oakington, Sawston, Swaffham Bulbeck, Teversham, Waterbeach, and Whittlesford.

Calls from 01223 Numbers

If you receive a call from a phone number with the 01223 area code, it is likely that the caller is based in Cambridge or its surrounding areas.

But it’s important to know that businesses and people can buy virtual 01223 numbers to make it seem like they are in the Cambridge area, even if they are in another part of the UK or the world.

Dialling Cambridge Phone Numbers from Overseas

To dial a phone number in Cambridge from overseas:

  • Dial the international access code for the country you are calling from (typically 00, 011, or +)
  • Dial the United Kingdom country code (44)
  • Dial the area code for Cambridge without the first zero (1223)
  • Dial the person’s or company’s number.
  • Full example telephone number to dial: 00 44 1223 666666

Dialling Cambridge Phone Numbers from the UK

To dial a telephone number in Cambridge from within the UK, use the area code 01223 plus the number. For example, 01223 666666.

If calling a local phone number in Cambridge from a landline that also has the area code 01223, the 01223 area code is not needed.

01223 Area Code - Cambridge Dialling Code
01223 Area Code – Cambridge Dialling Code

Time in Cambridge

If you are calling Cambridge from outside the UK, it is important to be aware of the time difference between your location and the UK.

It is a good idea to check the current time in the UK before making a call to avoid calling at an inconvenient time. This is especially important if you need to contact a business or organisation during their working hours.

The time now in Cambridge is . The date is .

Cambridge Map

The map below shows where Cambridge is located.

Map showing location of Cambridge

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