Riverside Retail Park

The Riverside Retail Park is a fairly large shopping park located on the banks of the River Mersey, just south of Warrington town centre.

B&M Home Store, Riverside Retail Park, Warrington
B&M Home Store

Shops here at the time of writing (February 2021) include B&M Home Store, Sports Direct, Halfords, Pets at Home, Home Bargains, and Next.

Sports Direct and Home Bargains, Riverside Retail Park, Warrington
Sports Direct and Home Bargains

The Next store here is a clearance store. Their latest products can be found at their other stores in Warrington; at Gemini Retail Park and Golden Square.

Pets at Home, Warrington
Pets at Home

There’s also a McDonald’s restaurant here.

McDonald's restaurant at Riverside Retail Park in Warrington

Opening times at Riverside Retail Park vary by store, but all are open 7 days a week. Plenty of free car parking for customers is available (restrictions apply). Drivers using satellite navigation systems can use the postcode WA1 2GZ to find it.

Car park at Riverside Retail Park
Car park at Riverside Retail Park


Map showing location of Riverside Retail Park.

Map showing location of Riverside Retail Park


Riverside Retail Park

Address and postcode
Wharf Street
United Kingdom

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. They cannot issue a fine. It is an invitation to pay. Just ignore.

  2. Recently received a demand for £160 from Riverside’s parking company, UK Parking Ltd. This was after my wife made two short trips to the place on consecutive days.

    It’s a very bad idea to shop there, currently.

  3. Parking tickets are given out like sweets at this retail park. My husband visited McDonald’s drive through (for coffee’s) twice during one day – dropping off at gymnastics and picking up later in the day. On neither occasion did he park – but we have received a parking fine for parking there for too long!! It takes the mick and needs sorting as this is happening frequently to others!!

  4. I wouldnt pay parking fine anyway its not legal just ignore letters

  5. The retailers and the site owners are not interested in these cowboy parking fine tactics they deserve no business at all until they create a sensible parking policy and use a decent non money grabbing company to run it

  6. In July 2014 we parked here for less than 4 hours (which is apparently the limit). Due to horrendous queues to get out (it took almost 1.5 hours to get out) we were sent a £100 parking fine in the post as they take a picture as you leave. Luckily we took photos of this whilst we sat in the queues to send to people we were due to meet to show why we would be late.

    We objected on the “Parking Rep companies” website and produced the photos. After a month and a half they eventually dropped the charge as they knew they were on to a loser as we would have taken this to court if necessary.

    A good result in the end but the principle is disgraceful. I am sure they must have targeted hundreds of drivers that day and I guess not all would have stood up to these highway robbers.

    I used to visit the Riverside several times a month and spend hard earned money in most of the shops. But never again. Avoid Riverside like the plague as the exiting control is a shambles. Be warned!

    • Contrary to all of the other comments there is no parking charge to park here and 4 hours is plenty of time. It is rarely busy and previous comments must be very isolated or to silly to notice the clear signage on display.

      • @Richard: The previous comments clearly show that you can pick a ticket up here through no fault of your own (and £100 is a blatant rip-off anyway!). Do you work for the parking company or are you just one of these people who are perfect?

  7. I also received a parking ticket for leaving site to go to cash machine as there isn’t one on site. On returning to my car I had been given a ticket and this was on a Sunday when all parking in town is free. I will never visit again.

    • I received a parking ticket on Monday for leaving the site. I did not know the rules had changed. Leaving the site before has not been a problem.

  8. is true paul jon williums aka john venables was working in pizza hut at this site?

  9. Hi guys would just like to inform all the great people of Warrington that Bru Station Coffee Shop has opened in the old Borders store at the Riverside Retail Park. We serve coffees, tea’s, food, and milkshakes and if you get down there asap you might get a voucher for a pound off your order.
    We are open 8.30 till 8.00 Monday to Friday and 8.30 till 6 Saturday and 10 till 4 Sunday so come give us a try, you wont regret it.

  10. Received parking fine. 2 hours is not enough time to shop and have lunch. Took elderly aunt shopping and out for lunch. Signs for 2 hour limit not obvious enough. Will not shop there again.


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