Station Retail Park

Station Retail Park is a small shopping park in Carlisle, Cumbria.

At the time of writing (October 2016) there are two stores here; Matalan and Staples (office supplies).

The park is situated at the junction of Water Street and James Street, next to Carlisle Train Station.

The customer car park here has spaces for around 200 vehicles.

Other retail parks in Carlisle include London Road Retail Park and St Nicholas Gate Retail Park.


Map showing location of Station Retail Park.

Map showing location of Station Retail Park


Station Retail Park

Address and postcode
Water Street
United Kingdom

Reviews and Additional Information

  1. I can only say the 2hours parking is the only thing that is clear on the sign. There is a yellow box telling you if you walk off site you can be fined. I always was led to believe in the highway code it was RED as a you must obey. Highway robbers that’s what it comes down to! I will never be back to shop at Matalan after receiving a fine for walking off site before doing my shopping in the store. They will end up with no customers and another closed store in Carlisle. . Well done to the clever people that thought of this system. You yourselves will be out of a job soon yourselves.

  2. I have read these reviews, and sympathise. We visited Matalan in Carlisle today. I went in to look for something that I had seen on the website, and my husband, who doesn’t really enjoy shopping, wandered around outside. Going back to the car we had a notice stuck on the windscreen, fining us £100. This seems a bit like sharp practice to me. Why would anyone think that they have to read all the small print on a high notice before shopping?? Good point? Look forward to hearing from other victims. I am going to take this as far as they like!

  3. I got a charge after shopping in matalan ,the car park wasn’t busy but was badly flooded ,the invoice stated I pay 100 pounds or 60 if paid within 14 days.
    My breach of contract apparently was that I was over the marked bay ,but I think the charge was excessive in the extreme.
    I have now boycotted matalan and will return the items I purchased.
    A lot of supermarkets and retail parks operate in this way ,control is one thing but these charges are ridiculous .

  4. I was issued with a parking charge invoice from ukpc who operate at the matalan /staples car park at Carlisle for being over the line of my parking bay,£100 or£60 if paid within 14 days.
    I paid it to avoid further stress but feel it is excessive in the extreme ,I returned the goods I purchased from matalan telling them why and will never shop there again ,their attitude was indifferent to say the least.
    I have learnt the hard way and will always read any car park signs in future thoroughly , most supermarkets and retail parks operate in this way so be careful,maybe having your shopping delivered is cheaper in the long run.

  5. What can I say except I total agree with with has happened. After all how many times do try to park in a bay. But can`t due to the inconsiderate idiot who thinks they are the world’s best at parking and take up two spaces. The parking space sizes are worked on a wide car. So they should plenty room it you park the right way in the bay. But some motorists just abandon there cars where ever they wish. More so if it is wet windy or snowing.

  6. We parked in front of Staples on a dark, wet evening. The car park was nearly empty, half an hour before both shops closed. We parked for SIX minutes, yes SIX minutes. Bought the items from Staples we went for. But two wheels were over the white line, we received ticket for parking out of bay and causing an obstruction! Obstructing what we don’t know. Yet to find out what the fine will be. The warden must have been watching from a vehicle as it was pouring down and he must have put the ticket on the car as soon as we went into Staples. We use Staples monthly, spend loads in the store, but not any more after that. My advice would be don’t use the two shops, go elsewhere. It will be Staples and Matalans loss. Went into Staples and was told it was nothing to do with them what UKPC do with the car park.

  7. My mother had the same problem. She was fined 45 pounds as they said she’d walked off the car park even though she had only been on the car park about 1 hour and HAD purchased something from Matalan. I’ve typed a letter to the car parking company with a copy of the receipt and have threatened to go to the council and Cumberland News if it isn’t invalidated as I’ve heard many others have had the same problem. I’ve also threatened to go to a solicitor as no penalty notice was placed on her car and in my eyes it’s the equivalent of cowboy clamping.

  8. You may want to check the position. I have heard recently that a customer on another park who was ticketed went to his solicitor and was advised not to pay. The solicitor said it was an "invoice" only and they couldn’t force you to pay it. May be worth checking this out before you hand your money over!

  9. Car parking was not "free" for us. We were recently given a ticket for leaving the car park. We had no idea you could not do this until we read the small print on the notice. We have appealed but if this is refused we will have to pay at least 45 pounds.


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