Keswick Museum & Art Gallery

Situated in Fitz Park, Keswick Museum and Art Gallery is the only purpose built museum in the Lake District. The museum tells the story of Keswick and surrounding areas. The collections on display can be classified as follows:

  • Fine Art – over 500 paintings of local significance, mainly 19th century
  • Archaeology – local prehistoric tools and axes, Roman and Medieval ceramics
  • Social History – costumes from the 1920s and 1930s, Victorian musical stones
  • Natural History – mounted birds, mammals, fish and shells
  • Geology – over 3000 local rocks, minerals and fossils

The museum is open from 1st April until 31st October, Tuesday to Saturday. Admission is free.


Map showing location of Keswick Museum & Art Gallery.

Map showing location of Keswick Museum & Art Gallery


Keswick Museum & Art Gallery

Address and postcode
Fitz Park, Station Road
United Kingdom
CA12 4NF

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  1. There are also 2 huge stone xylophones here that are quite interesting.


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