Preston England Temple

This huge white granite structure is the largest Mormon temple outside North America. Only devout Mormons are allowed inside the temple itself, but visitors are welcome to wander around the grounds and admire the building from outside.

Although it’s located just a few hundred yards from a busy motorway, the temple and gardens are remarkably peaceful. We were there for a good hour and didn’t hear a sound, yet alone see another human being. With not a leaf or blade of grass out of place, the beautiful manicured gardens actually feel quite surreal.

Preston England Temple, Chorley, Lancashire, UK
Preston England Temple
Gardens at Preston England Temple in Chorley
Gardens on northern side of the temple
Pond at Preston England Temple in Chorley

Despite the name, the Preston England Temple is actually in Chorley, around 11 miles south of Preston. It is situated on Temple Way (postcode PR6 7EQ), right next to Junction 8 of the M6 motorway.

Entrance to Preston Mormon Temple
Driveway at Preston Mormon Temple


Map showing location of Preston England Temple.

Map showing location of Preston England Temple


Preston England Temple

Address and postcode
Temple Way
United Kingdom

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