Corporation Park

This attractive urban park is located just north of Blackburn town centre. It opened in 1857 by Mayor William Pilkington and covers an area of approximately 45 acres. It’s a very pleasant park with plenty of attractions and facilities.

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The main entrance to the park is situated on Preston New Road (A677). It’s worth a trip just to see the Grade II listed structure. Originally the large central arch was used by those arriving by horse and carriage, while the side arches were for those visiting on foot.

Entrance to Corporation Park on Preston New Road in Blackburn, Lancashire
Entrance on Preston New Road
Blackburn Coat of Arms, Corporation Park, Blackburn, Lancashire
Blackburn Coat of Arms on Main Entrance

Walk through the archway and you’ll see the Garden of Remembrance on the left. It was laid out in 1922 in honour of Blackburn residents that gave their lives in the Great War.

Garden of Remembrance, Corporation Park, Blackburn
Garden of Remembrance

To the right of the entrance there’s a large ornamental fountain. It is one of several gifted to the park by William Pilkington. Originally the fountain was powered by gravity, producing a water jet that rose more than 70 feet into the air. Today the jet is much more modest.

The path from the main entrance runs parallel to Snig Brook, eventually leading to the park’s main lake. It was formed from pre-existing reservoir and attracts many species of waterfowl.

Main Lake at Corporation Park, Blackburn
Main Lake

A smaller lake, ‘The Can’, lies just west of the main lake. Folk once drew water from here for a charge of one penny per can. Nowadays, visitors can get refreshments from the ice cream van that usually parks here.

The Can, Corporation Park, Blackburn
The Can

Head east from the playground and you’ll arrive at the park’s Conservatory. The listed building was built in 1900 and at the time of our last visit (2020) was closed for refurbishment.

Conservatory at Corporation Park, Blackburn

The Broad Walk runs northeast from the Conservatory and is a grand avenue lined with huge lime trees. It was built by unemployed weavers during the 1860s Lancashire Cotton Famine.

Broad Walk, Corporation Park, Blackburn
Broad Walk

Steep paths lead from Broad Walk to the northern end of the park. Here you’ll find Colourfields, a large viewing platform designed by Jo Rippon Architecture and artist Sophie Smallhorn. In the winter months the platform offers good views of Blackburn. We visited during summer when much of the panorama was obscured by tree leaves.

Colourfields Panopticon in Blackburn
View of Blackburn from Colourfields
View of Blackburn from Colourfields

The platform is built on the site of a former battery. Russian canons, captured from Sevastopol during the Crimean War, were once mounted here. They were melted down for munitions during World War II.

Colourfields is one of a series of four hilltop sculptures in Lancashire commissioned by Mid Pennine Arts. The other three ‘Panopticons’ are the Singing Ringing Tree near Burnley, the Halo at Haslingden, and The Atom in Wycoller.

There’s a small woodland play area at the base of the battery.

Woodland Play Area, Corporation Park, Blackburn
Woodland Play Area

Corporation Park’s tennis courts are located just east of Colourfields. There are six courts (three shale and three all-weather). The courts are free and there’s no need to book.

Tennis Courts at Corporation Park in Blackburn, Lancashire
Tennis Courts

There’s a cycle track adjacent to the tennis courts where youngsters can learn and practice bike riding skills.

Cycle Track in Corporation Park, Blackburn
Cycle Track

Corporation Park is situated approximately quarter of a mile northwest of Blackburn town centre. The main entrance is on Preston New Road. Smaller entrances are located all around the perimeter

There’s no car park at the park but there’s plenty of free street parking on the roads surrounding the park (West Park Road, East Park Road and Revidge Road).

We parked on West Park Road opposite the Hollymount Residential Home (postcode BB2 6DE). The main entrance to the park is just a short walk away.

The closest train station is Blackburn, approximately three quarters of a mile from the park.

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Map showing location of Corporation Park.

Map showing location of Corporation Park


Corporation Park

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